UNAIR Rector and Khofifah Indar Parawansa Close PKKMB 2018

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KHOFIFAH Indar Parawansa (in white in the middle) with UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nasih, SE, MT., Ak., CMA., with 2018 freshmen on Saturday, August 11. (Photo: Feri Fenoria Rifa'i)

UNAIR NEWS – A lively series of activities of Universitas Airlangga freshmen was over.  Campus Life Introduction for Freshmen (PKKMB) 2018 UNAIR or commonly known as Amerta was officially closed on Saturday afternoon, August 11.

The East Java Governor elected who is also an alumna of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Khofifah Indar Parawansa attended the event along with UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nasih, SE, MT., Ak., CMA., and other leaderships. On that occasion, Khofifah also motivated 6,780 freshmen.

In his presentation, Khofifah recalled a memory of her struggle in March 1998 when she was a spokesman for the 1998 political reformation speech. At that time, Khofifah actively voiced the idea of ​​democracy, especially of direct elections applied today, the leaders, president and the regional heads are directly elected by the people.

“This is a form of appreciation for the people’s rights to vote,” she said.

Industrial Revolution 4.0

To the freshmen, Khofifah reminded them of a new era called Industrial Revolution 4.0. According to her, collaborations between elements are needed to deal with it. Universities are one of the elements, including Universitas Airlangga.

“Like it or not, everyone must be prepared,” she said.

Khofifah considered UNAIR as one of the important driving forces to prepare the younger generation to face the era especially in East Java. The target of UNAIR to enter Top 500 World Class University ranks in 2020 is also appreciated by Khofifah.

“The faculties and programs of UNAIR have met the qualifications to prepare for Industrial Revolution 4.0,” she said.

“The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is very important with transparency, accountability and services. It includes the efficiency of our programs, ” she added.

In addition, to students, Khofifah expects students’ activeness in responding to social phenomena, especially in East Java. She asked UNAIR academic community to work together.

“Active to provide inputs and keep the government in check if there are misappropriate policies as well as appreciate the positive governments’ achievements especially in East Java, ” she said.

Khofifah emphasized that freshmen should focus on their studies to be true knights for Indonesia in health science, social science, and other fields for the advancement of the nation and state.

KHOFIFAH motivates freshmen in the closing ceremony of 2018 UNAIR Campus Life Introduction for Freshmen (PKKMB). (Photo: Feri Fenoria R)

Task from Rector

Meanwhile, in his speech, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nasih, SE, MT., Ak., CMA., emphasized on UNAIR’s quality improvement policy abbreviated as BEST, Based on Morality ; Excellent Academic, Research, and Community DevelopmentStrong Academic Culture ; and Target Oriented .

“Students must know, understand, and permeate this quality improvement policy (BEST UNAIR, ed),” he said.

In addition, in his speech, UNAIR Rector gave the task of all freshmen. They were asked to write down UNAIR’s education quality policy on a paper including writing ten prohibitions for UNAIR students.

“Then, please put it on your study desk or your room. Next, please take a photo and send it to UNAIR Student Affairs Directorate through Mr. Hadi Shubhan, “explained Prof. Nasih.

“Students who do not do this, their PKKMB certificate will not be given later,” he added.

In the end, Prof. Nasih emphasized the importance of collaboration of all UNAIR academics in improving the quality of education in UNAIR especially to support UNAIR pursuing its target to be among Top 500 World Class Universities.

Prof. Nasih in his speech also hold a quiz for Rp. 200,000 prize money to freshmen. On that occasion, with Khofifah, UNAIR Rector also gave appreciation to best freshmen in 2018 PKKMB. After the event was closed, freshmen will start their studies on Monday, August 13. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i



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