‘Siaga Plus’ Application Supports Pregnant Mother Health in Indonesia

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Siaga Plus FKG UNAIR
Android-based application called 'Siaga Plus' to monitor and remind pregnant mother to stay healthy. (Doc. Public Relations FKG)

UNAIR NEWS – According to data from the 2015 Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS), the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) is at 305 per 100,000 births. This figure is fairly high even though it has decreased compared to 2012, which is 359 per 100,000 births.

This decline is arguably very slow and insignificant, so MMR still needs attention. The four main causes of MMR are bleeding, eclampsia, infection, and complications from abortion or childbirth.

From Dental Health perspective, pregnant mother with severe periodontitis (inflammation of the tooth supporting tissue), infectious agents and their products can activate the local inflammatory signaling pathway to extra-oral, including the fetal-placental unit.

“If you are pregnant with severe periodontitis, the inflammatory effects may not only induce premature labor, but also cause preeclampsia and limit intrauterine growth,” said Irma Josefina Savitri, drg., Ph.D., Sp. Perio (K), a consultant specialist dentist who is also a periodontics lecturer.

As one of the breakthroughs and innovations, FKG created an Android system based application on dental and oral health data of pregnant mothers. The data has been compiled by the Department of Community Dental Health Sciences, Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Dental Medicine (FKG) since July 2017.

“The health and behavioral data of pregnant mothers that we have collected since 2017, concludes that there is a need for good social support from the environment, as well as health services, so pregnant mothers have complete health before the pregnancy, “said Gilang R. Sabdho Wening, drg., M. Kes, lecturer at the Department of Community Dental Health Sciences (IKGM) FKG UNAIR.

Together with the co-assisting students, the IKGM department launched an android-based application called ‘Siaga Plus’ which aims to facilitate the community in order to monitor and remind pregnant mothers to stay healthy.

This application is designed to facilitate pregnant mothers in maintaining health of their teeth and mouth, before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy.

This application has Geotagging feature. This feature is to facilitate medical staff in reviewing the condition of pregnant mothers and seeing the agenda.

For pregnant mothers, this feature is to facilitate the schedule of visits to medical staffs, checklist, knowing laboratory tests that must be done during pregnancy, and articles to read to increase knowledge about dental and oral health during pregnancy.

“This application has been used even disseminated to pregnant mothers and their activitsts in several locations in the city of Surabaya. Such as Pucangsewu, Dupak, Kalijudan, and most recently Puskesmas in Mulyorejo, “explained Gilang.

“This effort is also in line with the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) point 5, namely to improve the dental and oral health of pregnant mothers. This is because bad oral and dental health in pregnant mothers can affect the fetus such as premature babies and low birth weight in addition to the dental and oral health of the baby later, “said Gilang.

Author: Larasati R. Putri

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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