Minimize Shrimp Farmer Losses, UNAIR Students Create ‘Real Time’ Detector

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UNAIR students create an H2S detection device called "i-Turbul". (Photo: PKM-KC Team)

UNAIR NEWS – The high mortality rate of shrimp certainly troubles the farmers, because it will incur a big loss. One of the causes is the increasing level of H 2 S. especially during the rainy season, the level of H 2 S can rise considerably due to water turbulence.

“Because when it rains, organic ingredients that are in the bottom waters will oxidize and form excessive H 2 S,” said Angga Bagus Prasetyo, Universitas Airlangga student, team leader of Invention Student Creativity Program (PKM-KC).

To overcome this problem, the team of PKM-KC UNAIR membered by Ainur Dwiky Setyawan and Gita Istiqfarrani, under the guidance of Franky Chandra Satria Arisgraha, ST., MT., lecturer at UNAIR made innovation in the form of H 2 S level detection device named “i-Turbul”. This tool can detect H 2 S level in intensive shrimp pond and provide information when the level is on the boundary.

“When the H 2 S level is on the boundary, ie 1 ppm, then i-Turbul will immediately send information to the farmer via SMS ( real time ). So farmers can immediately provide treatment for H 2 S level and turn it back to normal, “said Angga, Head of this PKM-KC team.

i-Turbul is a modern innovation that is easy, cheap, and aesthetic. The design is tailored to the environment. This tool will be equipped with a boat to make it more aesthetic.

“We hope, i-Turbul can minimize losses of shrimp farmers due to mass mortality. So, i-Turbul has the potential to support economic development in Indonesia, “added Gita Istiqfarrani, another team member.

The i-Turbul makes its creators, PKM-KC team passed the selection and obtained grant from Kemenristekdikti in PKM program of fiscal year 2018. (*)

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