MEMBERS of UNAIR "QUSHNADE (Quick and Smart Heart Analyzer Mobile Device) team, very useful for heart patients. (Photo: PKM-KC Team).
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UNAIR NEWS – Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) is one of the most severe manifestations of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart itself occurs due to lack of oxygen supply in the heart muscle. Inspired by the problem, UNAIR’s student team innovated and created an early detection device for AMI.

According to American Heart Association, in 2013, one in seven deaths was caused by coronary heart disease. Based on data from the Ministry of Health in 2012, AMI is included into the category of the top ten non-communicable diseases causing deaths in hospitals across Indonesia.

All this time, to detect AMI, Electro Cardio Graph (ECG) and anemnesa from a doctor are required. Unfortunately, this ECG is only owned by big hospitals and Indonesia still lacks of cardiologists, so patients experienced AMI mostly cannot be saved.

Inspired by this, the team of Student Creativity Program Invention (PKMKC) Universitas Airlangga, led by Rahardian Tarunosudirjo and membered by Aji Sapta Pramulen and Difa Fanani Ismayanto, innovated and created early detection device of AMI disease.

This innovation study was later reported in a proposal titled “QUSHNADE (Quick and Smart Heart Analyzer Mobile Device ) for the Detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction”

They were grateful that this innovation has successfully passed the selection done by Dikti, so they got grants of research fund from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) in PKM 2018.

Rahardian, as the leader of this PKMKC team, explained that the innovative device is named QUSHNADE, stands for Quick and Smart Heart Analyzer Mobile Device . This tool is a joint prototype between ECG and Expert System.

Students familiarly called Dion explained, PQRST ECG wave patients are used to determine whether the patient’s heart signal is normal or AMI is detected. When AMI is detected, the device will advise the patient to immediately get further treatment.

When the heart signal is considered normal, it will be detected using the Expert System to ascertain whether the pain in the heart felt by the patient is a pain characteristic of AMI or not. Then, the results from ECG and Expert System are displayed on android devices connected with QUSHNADE using bluetooth.

“This tool can be used easily. This tool also has a relatively small size, so flexible and easy to move and can be used in emergency conditions, “added Dion.

Asked by reporters about the cost? Rahardian or Dion said that the cost required to make this device is not large and the operation is easy.

“So we hope this device can be accessible to the public and medical personnel located throughout Indonesia. Why is this, considering the early detection of AMI and other heart diseases is very important to be known by the entire people of Indonesia, “added Dion. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes


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