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Various type of Guppy fish. It is included as expensive fish, but according to UNAIR students’ research, the high protein fish is very good for songbirds feed. (Photo: By Courtesy of Net)
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UNAIR NEWS – Songbirds is one option for lovers and collectors of birds so they can train and enjoy the tweets. There are many types of birds that are kept as pets, ranging from herbivorous birds to carnivorous birds and others.

The quality of vocal is determined by several factors, such as internal factors, the bird species’ genes, and external factors that are outside factors such as the environment and nutrients obtained from feed.

The nutritional feed is considered very influential, and even able to affect the endurance and power of songbird, that’s why UNAIR students made an innovation on bird feed rich in nutrients, required by songbird with protein content optimization of Guppy fish and other nutritional support in bird feed.

“PAS BUKAIN Super Rich Protein Bird Feed” is a natural and quality bird feed innovation product found by students from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Universitas Airlangga.

pakan burung
white-rumped shama cheerfully chirping, thanks to the feed that meets nutritional standards. (Photo: By Courtesy of net)

This bird feed is named “PAS BUKAIN” because it has a super content in every grain of feed given to songbirds such as Lovebirds, white-rumped shama and others. PAS BUKAIN feed contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12, minerals, high protein from Guppy Fish that accelerates the formation of vocal character, contains pigments that can brighten the feather color, and contains anti-stress substance.

The team of Student Creativity Program – Entrepreneurship (PKMK) is led by Aldiansyah Budi Wardana, and membered by Handrina Susanti, Alisa Yulia Putri, Catur Pujiono, and Mustakim. Under the direction and guidance of Ir. Agustono, M.Kes., a lecturer of FPK UNAIR, this team has successfully produced several packs of PAS BUKAIN.

Their proposal for PKM titled “PAS BUKAIN” Super Rich Protein Fish Feed from Guppy Fish as Quality Feed Innovation to Improve Bird Singing and Stress Removal”, successfully passed the selection and obtained development fund from Kemenristekdikti in PKM program 2018.

Explained by Aldiansyah, the PKMK team leader, “PAS BUKAIN” is packaged in sterile packaging and guaranteed quality. Quality factors should be guaranteed, Aldi said, because the quality of feed is very influential on the continuity of growth and development of birds.

“We give a commercial price on this PAS BUKAIN feed Rp 28.000 per package of netto 200 grams. Orders for PAS BUKAIN can be done through Whatsapp 0853 3496 5235 and IG @pas_bukain account , “said Aldiansyah. (*)

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