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UNAIR NEWS – Eight students of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) Off Main Campus Study Program (PSDKU) Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi made a history in July 2018 graduation. The eight students became the first graduates of FPK PSDKU UNAIR program in Banyuwangi.

On Sunday, July 1, they were officially graduated and earn S.Pi, or Bachelor of Fisheries. It became very special because their educational process was held outside the main campus of Surabaya. The eight students are Alvian Irwan Prayoga; M. Luthfil Hakim; Dewi Fatmawati S.; Nina Rofi’ Rukmana; Maria Agustina Pardede; Lukita Sury; Dana Icha Bakti; and Novi Nur Latifah.

Before they were inaugurated by UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nasih, SE, MT., Ak., CMA., At the ACC ( Airlangga Convention Center ) UNAIR Campus C, they went through similar education as the main campus. Nothing is different until finally they were graduated.

To the eight students and others, Dean of FPK UNAIR Prof. Dr. Mirni Lamid, drh., Mp., in inaugural graduation in the faculty advised them consider everyone as their colleague.

“That way, they will respect others and appreciated by others,” she said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Nasih in the graduation ceremony of 1,030 graduates also gave attention to the first graduates of PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi. During his speech, the rector asked the graduates to stand, then congratulated them.

“There is no difference between UNAIR alumni Banyuwangi and UNAIR Surabaya. What makes the difference is just a place to learn, “he said.

“When they work later on, all UNAIR alumni both Banyuwangi and Surabaya, still use one name, Universitas Airlangga,” he added.

Welcoming Graduated Seniors

The moment of student graduation of PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi was welcomed by colleagues and juniors. A number of Banyuwangi FPK students attended the graduation ceremony. They were willing to travel far from Banyuwangi to Surabaya to celebrate the achievement.

The 3 x 1 meter banner congratulating them welcomed the eight graduate students after attending the inauguration procession. In the banner there were hashtags JanganLupaAdiknya, NdangRabiNdangKerjoSakinahMawadahWarohmah and HidupItuKeras.

“This is the first graduation. And, you could say it is a history for campus UNAIR Banyuwangi. So, do not want to miss the moment, “said M. Reynaldy Thoriq, students FPK PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi attending.

“Although far from Banyuwangi or our hometowns, the most important thing is to welcome our seniors. And, they are the first residents of campus UNAIR Banyuwangi,” he added. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas / Feri Fenoria Rifai


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