UNAIR Student Innovation, Anti Bacterial Blood Bag from Mangrove Extract

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mangrove blood bag
ANDHI Baskoro and members of his PKM-PE team showed a blood bag made of mangrove stems. (Photo: Doc PKM-PE).

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia is known as one of disaster prone countries. There have been any disasters in Indonesia, including the high number of traffic accidents. Hence the need for blood becomes very important and vital.

Unfortunately, blood containers from donor transfusions, blood bags , are often contaminated with bacteria, in addition to the physical properties of the blood-house material itself. As a result this blood bag can not be used.

The problems faced by the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) inspired three Universitas Airlangga students, Andhi Baskoro, Jualita Kusuma Wardani, and Diana Fitri, to innovate and make anticoagulant and anti bacterial blood bags.

In their innovative report for Student Creativity Program – Exacta Research(PKM-PE) entitled “Innovation of PVC-Glycerol-Chitosan and Extra Aegiceras corniculate for Anti-Coagulant and Anti-Bacterial Blood Bag.”

Under the direction and guidance of Dr. Prihartini Widiyanti, drg., M.Kes., S.Bio, CCD., Andhi Baskoro and friends’ proposal has passed the selection of Dikti, thus obtaining funding from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) in PKM 2018.

Described by Andhi Baskoro, as the head of the research team, mangrove is one of the plants cultivated on the coast in the city of Surabaya. It is abundant and UNAIR students utilize mangrove stems with anti-coagulant properties as blood bags. The mangrove stem is used by extraction.

“The anti-coagulant properties are useful in order to avoid the clumping of blood stored in blood bags,” says Andhi.

Added by Andhi Baskoro, the high demand for blood transfusion in Indonesia is line with the amount of blood bag needs. That’s because the number of incidents of disaster and accidents, where the victims of disaster are in need of blood supply assistance .

“If there are a lot of blood bags exposed or contaminated by bacteria, anti-bacterial and anti-coagulant blood bags are needed,” he added.

Blood bags widely distributed in the market today are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) with a mixture of plasticizer, to obtain anti-bacterial and anti coagulant properties, chitosan is added. So with the extraction of mangrove and chitosan it will have bioactive, biocompatible, and anti bacterial properties.

The anti-coagulant properties are present in the extraction of mangrove stems. Mangrove species Aegiceras Corniculate is used because it has anti-coagulant properties.

“Our team hopes that this research can minimize blood damage in blood bags, so that the blood can be stored well,” said Andhi Baskoro ending his explanation. (*)

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