One of the locals examined by members of KKN UMKM N team Gubeng Surabaya University Airlangga in the work program "Healthy with the Community" on Thursday, July 5. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – This year’s Community Service Program was held again by Universitas Airlangga. It became a form of Tri Dharma implementation of higher education, especially community service, UNAIR. KKN is synonymous with various programs involving the local community.

One of the work programs initiated by most groups of students is in the field of health. For example, conducted a group of KKN UMKM N Gubeng Subdistrict, Surabaya. The students initiated a program called “Healthy with the Community”.

It is a program held in collaboration with the locals, especially to provide health check facilities such as tension, weight, sugar levels, uric acid, and cholesterol. The program is addressed to elderly residents in Mojo Village.

In the program held on Thursday, July 5, the health check by UNAIR KKN team was given for free. Health checks are directly done by students who have health background. In the meantime, students from other study programs besides health helped the administration.

There were more than 80 elderlies participated in the event. They conduct had their health checked from 08.00 to 11.00.

There were also integrated service post (posyandu) activists. They seemed very pleased with UNAIR’s student activities. Not only that, one of the students also disseminated knowledge about diabetes. It was welcomed by citizens. The locals asked a lot of questions to the speaker.

“We are very happy to help here. Actually we also want to participate in posyandu for toddlers. However, the timing is not right. Posyandu routine activities, ie once a month, it was done before we deployed to the field, “said M. Alif as head of KKN UMKM N Sub Gubeng, Surabaya.

“We are trying to contribute as much as possible to the surrounding community. We are also happy because our arrival is welcomed by the community, ” he added. (*)

Author: Pradita Desyanti

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifai


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