Arviana UNAIR
Arviana Irmadella becomes the best bachelor’s degree graduate of FISIP with GPA 3.77. (Private Doc)
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UNAIR NEWS – Parents’ prayers and blessings were the most important thing for Arviana Irmadella to complete her studies as well as possible. This is evidenced by the success of Arviana in becoming the best graduate with a 3.77 GPA.

“Time management is also important. Taking two courses, managing time well is a demand for me, ” she added.

The woman born in Madiun, June 7, 1996, stated that after completing his study in the Department of State Administration, he is currently busy with her studies at the Faculty of Law (FH) UNAIR. Arviana enters FH in 2015 or a year after her course in State Administration started.

“Studying in two majors consumes my time. It demands me to manage my time as well as I can and do the best possible results in those two studies, ” she said.

The second child of two siblings wrote a thesis entitled “Stakeholder Collaboration Model in the Management of Green Open Space Bungkul Park”. Her research was aimed to provide a detailed and accurate description of the stakeholder collaboration model in the management of Green Open Space of Bungkul Park.

“The results of this study show the collaborative model of stakeholder management of Taman Bungkul. There is a collaboration between DKRTH, related government agencies, PT. Telkom, PDAM, and the community with their respective roles, duties, and responsibilities, ” she explained.

Students who are active in the Association of Science Department of State Administration has a great achievement. She received grant of Student Creativity Program (PKM) twice in PKM Social Research DIKTI and PKM Written Ideas category.

“An interesting experience in college is when we held activities outside college such as outbound, bonding night, and upgrading . Which of course I will not get when I am not in UNAIR again, ” she concluded. (*)

Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifai


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