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UNAIR NEWS – Economic Olympiad is the annual agenda of Development Economics Student Association (HIMA EP) of Universitas Airlangga. Entering the 5th year of its organization, the Olympiad commonly abbreviated as OE continues to innovate and thrive to find new seeds of Indonesian economists.

This economic Olympiad uses offline selection system in each region and online throughout Indonesia. They will be ranked top ten 10 values ​​and the best from each region. The teams that fall into that category will be finalists for the semifinals, finals and grand final at the Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR.

Target participants who initially only reached high school students in Java and Bali, since 2017, it has penetrated all over Indonesia.

“This year we are expanding our reach, in 2017 the offline examinations was held in 28 regions, this year we are opening 2 new areas in Padang and Banjarmasin, for online testing throughout Indonesia,” said Rery, as Chief Executive Officer 15th OE.

The 15th Economic Olympiad in 2018 was themed “Economic Digitalization” in response to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 we are facing nowadays.

“By bringing this theme, high school brothers and sisters are expected to be more aware and responsive to various technological changes that affect the Indonesian economy in particular and the World in general, so that in the future they can become economists who care about this nation,” Rery concluded.


Author: Aldy Pratama

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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