Muhammad Arbian (in the middle) after attending Eid prayers with students from Indonesia. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – Eid al Fitr has always been a special moment for every wandering Muslim. However, not all Muslims can enjoy the moment. Some remain in the overseas for community service, work, and study abroad.

Muhammad Arbian is one of them.  Communication Science Universitas Airlangga alumnus cannot enjoy the happy moment with the family because he was studying in Japan.

” At Idul Fitri like this, I certainly miss my family, eating together, and asking forgiveness to parents, ” said Arbian.

However, he said that the celebration of Lebaran in Japan was quite lively. It was decorated with various cultures of Islamic society from different countries. The Middle East for example, Arbian said that women from the Middle East dressed up colorful costumes.

“Their hands and feet are decorated with henna, with a long bracelet worn to the elbow,” he added.

There was also a feast after Eid prayer. It tasted delicious because there was food from various countries.

“There were a lot of kinds of food, I got confused to eat which one. So I just tasted a bit from all of them, ” said Arbian.

Arbian and some other Indonesian students also strengthen ties with other people from Indonesia, especially visiting those who are married.

“My friends and I cycled around the houses, visiting them and enjoy the hospitality, as we are students who do not have much food in the boarding house,” said Arbian.

At the end, Arbian also said that the atmosphere of Eid al-Fitr in Indonesia and Japan is very different.

“Unlike in Indonesia, Islam in Japan belongs to the minority category. So I have to understand that, ” said Arbian. One closing remark that he mentioned about the experience of Lebaran abroad. “Memorable !,” he concluded.

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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