Sweetlips lip balm is made of natural material. (PKMK Doc)
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UNAIR NEWS – Students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Universitas Airlangga succeeded in making a lipbalm innovation, a natural lip gloss made of brown seaweed ( Sargaasum sp.) and mint leaf ( Mentha sp.) extract that effectively nourish the lips This innovation successfully passed the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) assessment, so they got research grant in Student Creativity Program (PKM) in 2018.

The five students of FPK UNAIR are Vivy Hanum Melati as the leader, with members of Nadya Sindy Anita, Zakiyatussany, Raditya Nanda Wardana, and Tito Adam Lukmantoro. They wrote their proposal for the Student Creativity Program – Entrepreneurship category (PKMK) entitled “SWEETLIPS , Innovative Natural Lip Moisturizer from Brown Seaweed Extraction (Sargaasum sp.) and Mint Leaf (Mentha sp.) Extract. “

“The idea of ​​our team was from a personal experience,” said Vivy Hanum Melati, head of the PKMK Team explaining the innovation.

Lips are part of the face with different skin structures from other body, and because they do not have oil and sweat glands with thin  corneum, the lips become more easily dry and cracked. For example, during fasting where the body does not get fluid intake more than 12 hours, it can lead to dehydration and affect the moisture of the skin of the lips.

It is exacerbated by the habit of licking the lips. As the saliva evaporates, the lips will drier than before. For someone with high mobility and who meet many others, it is uncomfortable.

“Seeing this condition, we developed lipbalm made of natural ingredients from brown seaweed and mint leaf extract. Beauty products made of natural ingredients are in much demand, or back to natureOne of the most popular beauty products is lip balm, ” she said.

Lip balm product is believed as an alternative in overcoming the problem of dry and cracked lips experienced by most teenagers. For that Vivy and friends offer a solution in dealing with this problem through Sweetlips.

Nadya Sindy Anita said that sweetlips is a lipbalm that can give moisturizing effect and repair dry and cracked lips due to strong flavonoids content in brown seaweed and vitamins in mint leaves.

This UNAIR PKMK team packs Sweetlips with a beautiful package on a small bottle size of 5 grams with four refreshing variants, the aroma of Rose , Red Apple , Green Apple,and Black Cocoa. This product is also equipped with mint leaf which gives a cool and refreshing sensation on the lips.

Sweetlips has been introduced to the community. So in the last two months many people have become consumers of Sweetlips, from students, junior high school / high school students to the general public. The product has been distributed and marketed to many areas in the archipelago, such as Surabaya, Gresik, Malang, Blitar, Magetan, Madiun, East Nusa Tenggara, Medan, Semarang, until Kalimantan.

“We are trying to establish business partnerships with beauty shops and expand the marketing,” added Raditya Nanda, a member of the PKMK Team.

Vina Agustina, one of Sweetlips lipbalm users gave testimonials that this product is very useful for consumers who often experience dry and cracked lips.

“Sweetlips is recommendedOnce it is used, I feel the change, the lips become more moist. The aroma is also very soft and comfortable to use on the lips, ” she said. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes

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