Learning entrepreneurship. (Photo: Siti Nur Umami)
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UNAIR NEWS – Prophet Muhammad SAW is a trader. When he was 25 years old, he went to trade to Syam. Therefore, Islam teaches its people to be independent, especially as entrepreneurs.

In an effort to encourage the Entrepreneurial Climate and train students to become entrepreneurs, the Department of Islamic Economics Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga held Islamic Economics Startup Acceleration Night . The awards night which took place on Monday, May 14 in Fajar Notonegoro Hall was the final phase of entrepreneurship course.

There were three parts. The first was showcase alley (expo), second was startup-investor matchmaking (bring potential investors / Shohibul Maal with actors startup to obtain investment), third was arena pitch battle(three-stages startup that have been curated in competition before panelists).

In this course, students must create a business and run it until it reaches the turnover target. This is considered challenging, because, some of them have not known the world of entrepreneurship. Some even had to work hard to get business ideas.

This struggle is felt by Barana team consisting of Fathin Su’aidi, Fanda, Elok, Atha, and Fatimah. Before starting the business, the Barana team had to go back and forth to Lumajang to explore the cooperation with the partners.

The Barana team chose the citypreneur field as their business idea. They promoted Lumajang’s product, bananas. Lumajang is famous as the largest production of bananas. Unfortunately, it has not been used to be a product with higher selling value. Barana team proposed a new concept of marketing banana juice in beverage products.

In one production, Barana produces 20 liters for 70 bottles. The production process is done every two weeks in Lumajang. Afterwards, the product is shipped to Surabaya.

“We have submitted our ideas 5 to 6 times to our supervisor to start a decent business,” said Fathin, CEO of Barana.

Regardless of the constraints and challenges, Fatin said, the existence of this entrepreneurial course can add experience in organizing business. The most important thing is to deal with external partners.

In addition to the field of citypreneur, another team of Traject Trip Adventure chose the edutrip field to provide travelling services with a complete package. Various facilities ranging from accommodation, transportation, photography, to catering , with destinations to Bali, Yogyakarta, Bromo, to Gili Ketapang. Traject Trip Adventure team was able to reap 26 million turnover. Their market share consists of high school students (SMA) to college students.

“This business is a low budget travel that provides a complete package. So customers just need to sit and enjoy the journey, “said Muhammad Alwy, one of the team members. (*)

Author: Siti Nur Umami

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh



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