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Faculty of Fisheries and Marine had most supporters in anti-terror solidarity action. (Private Doc)
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UNAIR NEWS – Surabaya residents are grieving. The suicide bombing allegedly carried out by Jamaah Ansharut Daulah and Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAD-JAT) – groups shocked all Indonesians. The bomb blasted in 3 churches, the Church of the Immaculate Santa Maria in Ngagel, GKI in Diponegoro, and Pentecostal Church in Arjuna on Sunday morning, May 13.

Followed by an explosion in Rusunawa Wonocolo, Sidoarjo, on the same day, and Polrestabes Surabaya the next day.

On the tragedy, the Student Executive Board Universitas Airlangga held a closed discussion to build solidarity. Then, a solidarity and prayer action was held in the front yard of Management Office Building, Campus C UNAIR, Tuesday, May 15.

In the action, all participants consisting of UNAIR students brought candles and mostly wore white clothing. More than 200 students were not allowed to wear backpacks to avoid suspicion.

”Because the essence of terror is spreading fear, we have to strengthen ourselves to remain productive and do our routine normally and build courage to fight anarchy, ” explained Galuh Teja Sakti, Head of BEM UNAIR.

The event was started with a free stage. Some people were given chance to speak. Then, it was continued poem reading by the Head of BEM UNAIR entitled “Jerit Surabaya” by Bobby Tanaya. The following are excerpts of the poem read out in the action.


Rupanya, rupanya

Tak kusangka, tak pernah kusangka

Darah ada di mana- mana! Aku meronta! Ini ulah siapa! Mengapa semuanya diam!

Dentuman mesin berdesing

Menghantam, menerjang, menghancurkan

Gelegar bom telah terjadi di tengah kota

Derita terpancar terhampar

After reading the poem, there was a moment of silence. They then prayed together for closing.

“We as UNAIR students will be at the forefront to counter terrorism and radicalism,”  said Bagas Purwa, Coordinating Minister for Movement of BEM UNAIR.

Meanwhile, after the tragedy of the bombing, the security of UNAIR campus was tightened by the management. It was to ensure the security and comfort in the campus environment. In each entry point and UNAIR gate there is metal detector examination. (*)

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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