Illustration by Feri Fenoria
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UNAIR NEWS – Abdi Desa activities conducted by BEM Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga was welcomed by local residents. One of them was welcomed by Widji as Head of Kedungdendeng hamlet. For him, the event was very useful for the people of Kedungdendeng, Jipurapah Village, Plandaan Subdistrict, Jombang Regency.

The people in the area mostly work in agricultural sector. In the first survey in May, Abdi Desa BEM FEB team has conducted hydroponic plant cultivation such as papaya and oranges that can improve the economy of the community.

” Faculty of Economics and Business students guided us so we become directed and we can feel the benefits  in the future,” he explained.

Abdi Desa
One of the residents at work. (Photo by courtesy)

In the evening, the activity was continued with a demonstration on how to plant hydroponics plants in Widji’s house. The activity was one of the interesting part as it improve the economy and share information about agriculture.

“This program is expected to be a resource development tool, both natural and human. The empowerment of the agricultural sector is expected to get useful feedback for the community, especially, in improving the economy and reduce unemployment, “said Agil as Head of the Department of Community Service BEM FEB.

He explained that the activity was aimed to develop existing potentials, not only exploring the human resources but also developing natural resources, especially in the agricultural sector.

“However, this program also experienced some problems of course. One of the problems was difficult road access,  how to distribute the harvest out of Kedungdendeng Hamlet, “he added.

The problem on lack of knowledge on how to plant and care for citrus or papaya plants was solved by the committee of Abdi Desa well and correctly.

“Therefore, Abdi Desa plans to bring about the road construction plan to the local parliament. Because with a decent road access, the economy will improve as well, “he concluded.

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktaviani

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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