Soetrisno bachir at UNAIR
Soetrisno Bachir speaks in front of hundreds of general lecture participants. (Photo: M. Najib Rahman)
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UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia is a developing country with the fourth largest population in the world. It certainly raises various social problems. One way to reduce such social problems is through the economy by creating many entrepreneurs in the country.

Therefore, to create successful entrepreneurs, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a general lecture “Encouraging Entrepreneurship to Achieve National Welfare.” The speaker was Soetrisno Bachir Chairman of National Economic and Industrial Committee (KEIN). The event was held in Fadjar Notonegoro FEB UNAIR Hall on Tuesday, May 22.

On that occasion, the Dean of FEB UNAIR, Prof.Dr. Dian Agustia, SE., M.Si., Ak., CMA, CA, welcomed and thanked Soetrisno Bachir. Prof. Dian hoped that UNAIR graduates will not only be able to become civil servants but also able to become successful entrepreneurs.

“Students can ask him whose knowledge is vast in order to become a good entrepreneur. And I hope this is not the last visit of Pak Soetrisno, but it can be continued in the future as the students’ interest is high, ” she added.

In front of 700 students, Soetrisno Bachir expressed his joy as the students were very enthusiastic. According to him, an opinion that says Indonesia is lacking entrepreneurs was not proven at that time.

“Today the opinion that says we lack of entrepreneurs is dismissed, especially in UNAIR,” he said.

Furthermore, Soetrisno said that novice entrepreneurs must know that there are five requirements to civilization. They are value of spirituality, entrepreneurship, the manners or professionalism, technology mastery, and knowing the world’s problems.

“On this occasion we will discuss the second value, entrepreneurship,” he added.

Soetrisno added that an entrepreneur is a locomotive for a community movement because a businessman must have leadership qualities which will then lead the people around him for the better.

“Therefore, with entrepreneurs the economic gap can be overcome,” he added.

According to Soetrisno, entrepreneurs are born from three places. The first is born by right, the second is born from the environment, and the third is born from the learning process in business sciences.

“Learning entrepreneurship should not be based on theories alone, but as much as possible learn by practice,” added the man born in Pekalongan.

In addition, according to him, an entrepreneur must also have a mindset for the future. The seriousness is also very important as well as a strong mentality. They must be owned by an entrepreneur.

“Becoming successful businessmen demands year and years of hardwork, set your mind to be success in the next few years. So entrepreneurs must be serious not by accident and must have a strong mentality, “he concluded.


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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