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UNAIR NEWS – Five UNAIR students assisted the evacuation and rescue process of bomb victims in 3 Churches, Surabaya last week, May 13. The five students, Rizqi Supramulyana Putra from FKM, Fadhailul Chorizu from FISIP, Ratna Tri Wahyu from FPK, Indra Maulana from FEB, and Sagita Wulan Sari from FKp. All of them are members of  KSR-PMI Student Activity Unit (UKM), UNAIR. Previously, Rizqi Supramulyana Putra explained that in the morning when the tragedy happened, they had their shift at the PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) headquarters in Surabaya.

“We stand by as a backup when there is an accident, disaster or other unwanted things happening in our beloved city. The unit receives command from the Command Center, where the community of Surabaya report anything emergency through 112 call center, “said Supra.

After the bombings happened in three churches, the Catholic Church of Immaculate Santa Maria, Indonesian Christian Church, and Central Pentecostal Church of Surabaya, he explained that the team was deployed at 3 bombing sites. When they arrived at the sites, the team took time to call their parents to ask for prayers to be safe.

“Once there, we from PMI were assisted by colleagues from other ranks trying to save and evacuate the victims for immediate treatments and refer them to the hospital,” Supra added.

There were numerous incidents happened there, he explained, and they had difficulty to work as there was a fire so they had to wait the firemen put it out first. The five students have passed 120 hours of basic training and two of them have been involved in first aid specialization, so they can give direct assist to the community.

“Even so, we were actually anxious as well at the location because we enter the range 1 which following blast may happen any time. But it has become our responsibility anyway, “he said.

It has become students’ obligation to give community service. It is pursuant to the third value of Higher Education Tri Dharma.

After the incident, they hoped the community can remain calm even though Surabaya is still not conducive. They were expected to remain calm, vigilant and keep everyone safe.

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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