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Nisrina and her team during a presentation. (Personal documentation)
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UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Reasoning Student Activity Unit (UKM) won 3rd place at Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) 13th Scientific Meeting of Reasoning and Research UKM in East Java (ITUPPS). It was the fifth consecutive victory obtained by Reasoning Club. Nisrina Mahfudhah Wibowo, one of the winners explained that their team were from different programs, even different faculties.

“I’m a S-1 (bachelor’s program) Nutrition Science student, FKM, two of my friends Amry Indah Sari S-1 Chemistry and Siti Istikhomah was S-1 Mathematics, they are from FST,” Nisrina said.

Their participation, she added, was aimed to improve the culture of competition in the writing and to continue last year’s mandate in Reasoning club at TUPSS. The clarity of objective generates innovative ideas to write down.

The idea led to the work titled ‘ Investment Feasibility Analysis of Iodine ( Jatropha multifida L. ) Cultivation Using Polybag Media in Putren Village, Sukomoro District, Nganjuk Regency’. The idea came up by synchronizing the existing problems with the theme of LKTI.

“The problem was taken from the problem sharing in the village of each member. The most complicated problem was in Putren village, Siti Istikhomah’s village, “explained Nisrina.

In Putren village, he said, most of the residents work as farmers. The main farming commodity was only shallots. Seeing the lack of variety of farming in Putren Village, Nisrina and the team were eager to develop and cultivate other plants that are economically beneficial and have health benefits.

“The plant we chose was iodine. This rare plant is useful for health and has a very high selling price, but the cultivation is pretty easy. This iodine plant is able to grow on the ground by cutting. That’s where our idea of ​​using polybag came up, “said Nisrina.

It was the idea that led them to the presentation stage. When Nisrina was asked about her tips in presenting, she said that mastering the material is  compulsory. They learned how to give an excellent presentation from the Reasoning club (UKM) activities.

“Everyone must experience nervousness. The most important thing is mastery of material presented so we can answer questions from the jury and audience,” she explained.

In the end, Nisrina explained that her interest in writing started from her hobby to read. She believes that by reading a book or someone else’s scientific papers will motivate her to write in the future.

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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