Tapak Suci UNAIR
The delegation Tapak Suci Universitas Airlangga makes achievement in the national event, Tapak Suci Jember University 3rd Open Championship. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – After winning in IPB Open 2018, the delegation of Student Activity Unit (UKM) Tapak Suci Universitas Airlangga gained another achievement in Tapak Suci Jember University 3 rd Open Championship. The UNAIR team managed to three medals.

The Airlangga Knights who made achievements were Rizka Rohadatul’aisy (first winner), Galuh Purwaningsih ( Fighter ), and Galuh Purwaningsih and Kholifati Isnaini (Double Art). Furthermore, Beanitta Biyantari, Nanda Ferdika Mardilo, Djimi Mahasa, Ziana Fiqly, Eko Prasetyo, and Bahrul Ulum (third winner).

Galuh Purwaningsih as the manager stated that the achievements were not easily achieved. Therefore, it needs excellent preparation.

“During the preparation for two months, the activities were early Vo2Max, physical and mental exercise, body endurance exercise, stance exercise and movements for athletes, ice therapy or jacuzzi, “he said.

Located at GOR Perjuangan 45 State Polytechnic of Jember, the Airlangga Knights managed to defeat the team from Bondowoso. Therefore, they can continue the race to the next stage by fighting the team from Universitas Negeri Surabaya with basic sport.

“The obstacle was time because we have the primary obligation to study and complete extraordinary tasks and lecture systems with unexpected time. As a result, we need to gain more experience. The athletes from UNAIR should be able to manage the time well, “said the nutrition student.

The delegation was proud of the achievement as they could gain good reputation for UNAIR at national level. They are full of spirits to keep making achievements. (*)


Author: Pradita Desyanti

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifai


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