Dean FH UNAIR visit bomb victim
From the left: Boni (Social Worker Association of Surabaya City), Abd. Shomad (Dean of FH UNAIR), visit Sonia Adina Anggono at St. Catholic Hospital. Vincentius a Paulo (RKZ Surabaya) on Tuesday, May 15. (Private Doc)
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UNAIR NEWS – Bombing attacks occurred in Surabaya a few days ago caused many casualties. There was also a victim from Universitas Airlangga. She is Sonia Adina Anggono, a Master of Law student, Faculty of Law UNAIR.

As a form of sympathy for the bombing, Dean FH UNAIR represented the academician of UNAIR visited the student at St. Catholic Hospital. Vincentius a Paulo (RKZ Surabaya). The student of class 2016 was one of the victims from the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Santa Maria, Gubeng, Surabaya, last Sunday, May 13. At that time, as usual, Sonia was going to church to pray.

“When there is a disaster, then we come to entertain and pray,” explained Dean FH UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Drs. Abd. Shomad, SH, MH.

Not only the dean of Faculty of Law, some of the lecturers, staffs, and students of Faculty of Law also visited Sonia. When the visit took place, Sonia was undergoing postsurgery treatment. There was a surgery in three parts of body, hand, arm, and her, to take the shrapnels of the bomb.

“She has practiced to sit down after the medical treatment. She is getting better, “he added.

Meanwhile, Sonia’s lecturer at campus Erni Agustin, SH, LL.M said that Sonia has done well in campus academically.

“She’s quite active in academic activities in campus (Sonia, ed). Sonia has started working on her thesis, “explained Erni.

FH UNAIR through the head of the study program gave time for Sonia to recover. “She was given time for recovery. She needs to rest, “added Erni.

From that visit, Sonia suffered several neurological disorders to the left of the body due to injuries.

As she was improving she could return home to Tumpang, Malang, on Wednesday , May 16. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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