Invitation by the President of BEM FISIP for One Minute's Silence. (Photo: Illustration)
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UNAIR NEWS – In response to terror attacks in Surabaya, Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) held One Minute’s Silence action. The action was held in the environment FISIP on Monday, May 14.

The action was led by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Internal Ministry of Campus BEM FISIP in collaboration with Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO). In that action BEM FISIP also invited all student organizations (ormawa) in FISIP environment. Lecturers and all academic community of FISIP UNAIR were also involved in the social action.

Muhamad Lutfi Al Jufri as the President of BEM FISIP stated that One Minute’s Silence was an activity to pray to all victims of bombing blasts in Surabaya. Furthermore, the event was continued with an oration to condemn and fight any acts of violence and terror.

“Before starting classes, there was a praying session for the victims. We previously informed it through pamphlets. We also held an action plus oration and strongly condemn the existence of violence and terror in Surabaya, Indonesia, and the whole world, “said the student majoring in international relations.

The action, added Lutfi, was started at 7:00 or before the classes. Then, the final event was One Minute’s Silence event was held at 12.30, with a series of activities conducted in several places such as lecture halls, Soetandyo Hall, and Democracy Park.

In addition to criticizing and rejecting acts of terror, the action was also to show deepest condolence to victims and their families.

“In essence, all activities in FISIP such as lectures, BEM seminars, and others held on May 14, 2018 will begin with one minute’s silence,” he said.

One minute of silence was for the victims who have fallen from the acts of terror taking place in Surabaya, Indonesia and the World.

“Previously BEM FISIP also distributed pamphlets to all FISIP academic community so it can be implemented simultaneously on the same day,” he concluded.

Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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