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Team of Ju-jitsu Universitas Airlangga won medals in Central Java. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – Student Activity Unit (UKM) of Ju-Jitsu Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) had a great success in Central Java Ju-jitsu regional championship event. The Ju-Jitsu team won HAN Olympic event on Saturday, April 21 at Camp Ham Academy, Manahan, Solo.

It was not an easy to make. Moreover, the majority of participants in the event came from Central Java. Although it was a regional level event, experience and friendship fostered through the event becomes very important.

In HAN Olympic, Ju-jitsu UNAIR sent several delegates, Arindo Ahmad Hidayatullah (Law, Class 2015) and Ramadian Alfian (Taxation, 2016).

In addition, there were also dojo members of UNAIR, Rizka, Riki, Riko, and Faqih.

One member of the Ju-jitsu UNAIR team revealed that there were some preparations they made. In addition to physical, techniques improvement through training were also done.

“To follow this competetition, Ju-jitsu athletes of UNAIR practice more intensively than usual, “he said. “Almost every afternoon, approximately in one month, the athletes trained hard to win through training center,” he added.

With these preparations, Ju-jitsu UNAIR team could make achievements. In HAN Champions Solo, Refiana, Alrido, and Shirenda won. In Ju-jitsu Championship University of Muhammadiyah, Santoso, Refiana, and Faqih won. Furthermore, in the HAN Olympic, medals won by Alrido, Faqih, Ricy, Achmad Muhaimi.

“Alhamdulillah we got medals in this event. Aldiro won with a KO ( knockout , ed) as his opponent could not continue the match. Riki won with a RNC ( rear naked choke ) where the lock position is hard to remove. And Faqih won with Ground and Pround, ” Alrido said.

According to him, if someone aims to win at the regional and national championships, they must discipline themselves. If not disciplined, they would fail. Therefore, hard work must be followed with discipline.

“Seeing the achievements of Airlangga Ju-jitsu, I hope we are able to make more athletes capable of success for Airlangga Ju-jitsu dojo and Universitas Airlangga,” said Mayang, a member of the Ju-jitsu team. (*)

Author: Rolista

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifai


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