4th Geliat UNAIR Volunteers Ready to Serve

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Geliat UNAIR volunteers
Dean of FKM Prof. Dr. Tri Martiana dr., MS., attaches the volunteer sign before they are deployed at the community service location. (Photo: Feri Fenoria Rifai)

UNAIR NEWS – Volunteers of the 4th Mothers with Pregnancy and Healthy Children Care Movement (GELIAT) Universitas Airlangga were officially inaugurated to serve the community on Saturday afternoon, May 5. Being held in Sumarto Hall, Faculty of Public Health (FKM), Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), the Dean of FKM Prof. Dr. Tri Martiana dr., MS marked the inauguration by giving the volunteers ID cards.

Accompanying the procession, the person in charge, Drs. Nyoman Anita Damayanti, dr., Ms .; Head of the Community Service Institute (LPM) UNAIR Prof. Dr. H. Jusuf Irianto, Drs., M.Com .; and representatives from Surabaya City Health Office. In addition, the inauguration was marked by enlisting GELIAT volunteer list to the Surabaya City Health Office.

In his speech, Dr. Nyoman said that GELIAT activities begin in 2015. By 2018, the activity will enter the fourth year. Initially, the activity was motivated by high infant and pregnant mother mortality (bumil) in Surabaya. Even the highest number in East Java.

“In the past (2015, ed) we started it in collaboration with UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, ed),” she said. “And, afterwards, with supports and enthusiasm of undergraduate and graduate students and alumni, there is positive impact as there is a slight decrease in infant mortality rate. Therefore, we continue this program, ” she added.

Dr. Nyoman explained, GELIAT is a community service activity by S1, S2 and UNAIR alumni students to reduce and prevent the rise of infant and pregnant mortality rate. The program guide and assist pregnant women to give birth. In fact, the assisting program is continued until postpartum, including to be a mediator of existing health facilities.

“Beside the reduction of that mortality, this GELIAT produce research materials for thesis, dissertation, and thesis,” she said. “In addition, we also collect field data for policy interests related to infant and pregnant health issues,” she added.

According to Dr. Nyoman, GELIAT 2018 focuses on four public health centers in Surabaya, Puskesmas Tenggilis, Medokan Ayu, Kali Rungkut, and Gunung Anyar.

“They (volunteers, ed) will be divided into groups. So, it consists of several fields. There is nursing from public health, even from psychology, “h se said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. H. Jusuf Irianto, Drs., M . Com ., revealed that GELIAT is a promising community service as in its practice, the activity has clear indicators.

“This devotion is inspired by some existing problems. Then there is an offer of a solution to the problem. And, it is potentially a sustainable program, “he said.

GELIAT, added Prof. Jusuf, is likely to replace the program of KKN (student community outreach program) activities in the future. Because, UNAIR encourage more efficient and effective community service.

Responding to GELIAT, Prof. Dr. Tri said that GELIAT has shown great results. There are striking differences associated with pregnancy.

“In the past, pregnant women must be cautious. Any advice from parents must be followed and obeyed. However, the pregnant women now tend to take everything easy, they can be considered a bit careless. This carelessness tends to happen often. Therefore, mentoring is very necessary, including paying attention to the psychological aspects.

“Thanks to all volunteers and all those involved in this activity, “she added. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria Rifai

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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