Understanding Members and Problems

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Illustrated by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – ”I am nobody, but I am aware of the existing problems” said Head of BEM FKM UNAIR, Ahmad Luqmanul Hakim. In “Our BEM Heads” Special Coverage, UNAIR NEWS features the student who was born in Bengkulu, June 9, 1997 leading BEM FKM UNAIR 2018-2019 period.

Abin has been active in organizations since high school. He had served as the Scout Security Division Ambalan during high school in Amanatul Ummah.

More extensive organizational experience was obtained in college as the Staff of BEM Faculty of Public Health UNAIR in 2016, Staff SyiarBEM FKM UNAIR in 2016, Cadres Division BEM FKM UNAIR in 2017, and Head of BEM FKM UNAIR period 2018-2019. In addition, he is also a figure who upheld the value of Islam. It is seen in his history of education. Abin graduated from junior high school to senior high school in Amanatul Ummah which is a modern Islamic school.

Abin also revealed that a leader must be good at protecting his subordinates at least his deputy and know the realm of work, plan and strategy to be achieved. For him, a leader is required to know all the members of the department as well as the duties of each department.

“Building relationships with faculty members and student affairs is one of the keys to organizational success,” he said.

Furthermore, the vision to create proactive, responsible, and productive FKM students is the main thing he implements. It is a principle that Abin holds while serving as the head of an organization.

“The experience of being the Head of BEM is quite interesting and challenging because it is new to me, new relationships with organizations are also established, ” continued Abin.

Nevertheless, the performance of 20-year-old student deserves a thumb up. He focuses his cabinet to 3 departments, Rispres, Kastrat, and Pengmas. The combination of them is a complete package for the creation of FKM students who are not only academic oriented but also aware to social problems.

“Social awareness should be nurtured. The department of Community Service facilitates students’ social activities. There is also a paper writing training as well as an assessment on a problem by the department of Rispres and Kastrat. Nevertheless, other departments also got attention so the goal can be achieved, “said Abin.


Author: Tunjung Senja

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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