FIB Seminar
Vice Dean I FIB UNAIR Ki Puji Karyanto opens the National Seminar of Oral Tradition. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)
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UNAIR NEWS – National Seminar on Women in Oral Tradition and WrittenTradition becomes one of a series of 30th anniversary of Indonesian Literature Program, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga, which is commemorated in November. The seminar was held at Siti Parwati FIB UNAIR Hall, April 26, presented some experts from inside and outside the country and attended by dozens of students and officials of assisted village by Indonesian Literature.

The head of UNAIR Indonesian Literature study program Dwi Handayani, M.Hum., in her speech said that aside from being a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Indonesian Literature study program, the seminar, she added, also became a forum for women to commemorate Kartini’s Day.

“This seminar is a series of 30 years of Sasindo UNAIR event. And hopefully this event can be useful and able to present the exemplary Kartini’s struggle, ” she said.

Dr. Trisna Kumala Satya Dewi, MS, as Lecturer of Indonesian Literature as well as Head of Oral Tradition Association Surabaya said that the cooperation between UNAIR Indonesian Literature with ATL Surabaya Branch could give more impact to the students’ scientific tradition.

“This 30-year course is a historic journey. This seminar may be useful and gives knowledge on our oral tradition, ” she explained.

As the opening, the Dean of FIB UNAIR represented by Vice Dean I FIB UNAIR Ki Puji Karyanto, M.Hum, in his speech confirmed that the faculty really appreciate the implementation of the seminar. Moreover, he said that, the activity was the first event to commemorate 30 years of Indonesian Literature study program.

“We should be grateful as there are a lot of alumni working in various fields. Some even become lecturers abroad, “said Puji. “And most of all, may the science on oral tradition can improve,” he explained.

Author: Nuri Hermawan


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