Garuda Sakti UNAIR Holds Dissemination for Pilmapres 2019

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UNAIR NEWS – Garuda Sakti (GS) Universitas Airlangga successfully organized a dissemination event on the election of Outstanding Student (Pilmapres) 2019. It was aimed to choose the outstanding student to represent UNAIR to National Pilmapres.

The dissemination of Pilmapres 2019, Haztika Jihadania as Head of Mawapres GS Division UNAIR, was aimed to provide information on the latest system of Pilmapres 2019. She also said that it was held to motivate UNAIR students’ interest and determination to be outstanding students.

Haztika also explained that the event was conducted three times in different places and speakers. The three places are Campus A in FKG Assembly Room, Campus B in Parlinah Room 3rd floor Library UNAIR, and Campus C in SC 3rd Floor.

In Campus A, she explained, the speakers were Mohamad Reza Affandi, Outstanding Bachelor Student of 2018 and Alifatus Wahyu Nur Ma’rifah, Finalist of Outstanding Bachelor Student UNAIR 2018. In Campus B, there was Citi Rahmawati Serfiyani, and Nizzah Amalia Subchan, as Finalists of Outstanding Bachelor Student UNAIR 2018. In Campus C, there were Moh. Wahyu Syafi’ul Mubarok, Outstanding Student of FST 2017 and Romiana, Outstanding Student for Diploma Program UNAIR 2017.

“The purpose of conducting it three times so that UNAIR students have more opportunities to participate in dissemination and gain more information obtained from the six speakers,” she said.

The event chaired by Erna Krisnadayanti, included talkshow from speakers and dissemination of Pilmapres 2019 system. Different system changes with previous Pilmapres, according to Erna, it was distinguished by the title of Outstanding Students and Excellent Students.

“In a sense, it is the same, it’s just different calling title. Outstanding Student represents the university, whereas the Excellent Students represent the faculty, ” she added.

At the end, hopefully, the students no longer see mawapres as an impossible thing to achieve and there are more excellent seeds from UNAIR. It was welcomed by UNAIR students.


Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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