AUBMO Instills Family Values and Professionalism

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UNAIR NEWS – To instill the values ​​at AUBMO, a family-based and professional organization, the Ministry of Student Resources Development (PSDM) has organized upgrading activity . The activity for all AUBMO 2018 members were held on Friday-Saturday, April 20-22 at Villa Wahyu Pace, Mojokerto.

Ismi Choirunnisa Prihatini as the person in charge for the activity stated that the purpose of the activity is to bond the board so that they can be a family. Furthermore, it will create a good communication between the members.

“With the establishment of good relations and communication, AUBMO management is expected to work together well to implement work programs that have been agreed together,” she added.

Ismi, added that the first AUBMO upgrading was in line with the theme of the activity, “Close the Ranks to Set AUBMO Lantern Alight”. Hopefully, the activity will be a good starting point to run AUBMO next year.

In addition to improving the sense of kinship, the event attended by 64 AUBMO 2018 officials was aimed at fostering member professionalism. The organization’s consideration board (DPO) were present to provide insight about AUBMO.

According to Irsyad Qoriin as the Head of AUBMO 2016, AUBMO is an organization that will not forget its predecessors. Evidently, if AUBMO held an event, the predecessors are also invited.

“AUBMO is not like other organizations. DPO will always be ready to be asked counsel by the current board, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Ismi added that with the presence of some games, the participants can get the meaning of cooperation, not easily influenced the enemy, and establish good communication. In addition, the game has some AUBMO essence.

“I hope, we can know each other, have a close relationship and pay attention to the professionalism. In addition, with this upgrading activity ,  among management members should no longer feel hesitate and awkward, especially among ministries which have less communication, ” she concluded. (*)

Author: Moh. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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