ASIIN International Accreditation Certificates for 5 UNAIR Programs Issued

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Accreditation Certificate for Mathematics Study Program of Universitas Airlangga from ASIIN, a credible accreditation institution in Germany. (Photo: BPM UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS – Good news comes from Quality Assurance Board (BPM) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). The certificates of international accreditation of ASIIN ( Accreditation Agency for Engineering Programs in Engineering, Informatics / Computer Science, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics ) for five UNAIR study programs (Prodi) have been issued.

The credible accreditation institute from Germany issued the certificates in April 2018 for Pharmacist Education, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics Department of UNAIR.

The certificate was issued to a study program that meets the academic and professional requirements at higher education level. In addition, the award is based on subject-oriented subject standards aligned with the European Qualification Framework and the “European Standards and Guidelines”.

The person responsible for ASIIN Accreditation Program as well as BPM UNAIR Secretary Helmy Yusuf, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D., explained that the process of ASIIN international accreditation program  was started in December 2016 by visiting ASIIN in Germany.

“Then, faculty leaders claimed to be able to apply for ASIIN accreditation for their study programs,” he told UNAIR NEWS on Wednesday, April 25. “At that time, there were two faculties,Faculty of Pharmacy with one study program, and Faculty of Science and Technology with four study programs, “he added.

According to Helmy, ASIIN is quite different from other accreditation, the process can be referred to as a specific subject accreditation. So it is specific to a particular field.

“So, Biology programs will be specifically accredited in Biology, Chemistry with chemistry accreditation and Physics with physics accreditation. Not a holistic concept like BAN-PT which is all conducted in general, “he said.

“So, in ASIIN, the focus point is on the substance of learning, the competence of graduates, and other aspects. What is a world-class physicist like? What is a world class chemist like? And so on, “he added.

Meanwhile, Head of BPM UNAIR Prof. Dr. Sukardiman MS., Apt., revealed that the accreditation achievement was not easy to be accomplished. There are many strict indicators to be met, especially, he continued, when it is related to Learning outcomes.

“It is indeed the most prominent. It must be specific in every study program and  supported by an adequate curriculum, “he said. “So, in essence, how the curriculum can be able to produce graduates in accordance with ASIIN standards,” he added.

Another important thing, according to Prof. Sukardiman, is the governance of the study program and the facilities when they are especially compared to the number of with the number of students.

“The point emphasized here is that the effectiveness of education should work well in preparing graduates, especially for study programs which are very demanding on competence, skill, or practice, “he said.

Prof. Sukardiman continued, the momentum of the accreditation achievement must be put to good use, especially in an effort to create good climate for quality improvements in each study program. On the other hand, the momentum is also a turning point in UNAIR’s reputation at international level.

“This accreditation is able to encourage other study programs to follow. As projected, there are four study programs that will follow, “he said.

“In addition, this climate is expected to be maintained to get more recognition, especially international. In the future, Abest accreditation is aimed for all eight study programs at Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). There is also APHEA (FKM international accreditation) for FKM, “he added. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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