Commemorating Earth Day through Making Biopore Infiltration Holes

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UNAIR Student Club Coordinator Deni Yasmara, M.Kep, (second from the right) with FKp students and environmental organizations in Surabaya when making biopore infiltration holes. (Private Doc)

UNAIR NEWS – Earth Day is the day of observation commemorated every year on April 22nd. Earth Day is commemorated internationally to increase the appreciation of earth by protecting the environment.

Green Nursing Corps (GEN Corps) which is one of the BSO in the Faculty of Nursing Universitas Airlangga (FKp UNAIR) also commemorated Earth Day. The Earth Day celebration was held for 2 days in different places.

GEN Corps Earth Day commemoration this year is different from the previous year. To enliven the event, GEN Corps involved organizations engaged in the field of nature lovers in Surabaya.

The first action of GEN Corps is making biopore infiltration holes on Saturday, April 21. Biopore method is an alternative method to absorb rainwater by making a hole with a diameter of 10-30 cm, a depth of 80-100 cm, and covered with organic waste as a water absorber and organic compost. The purpose of this activity is to overcome the inundated water in FKp environment during rainy season.

The peak of this activity is the planting of trees on Mount Penanggungan conducted on Sunday, April 22. The summit of Mount Penanggungan at this time is in poor condition. It was once full of trees but now it is quite barren with limited water supply at the top of the mountain. It is very vulnerable to fire during the dry season.

This reason inspired GEN Corps to plant trees at the peak of Mount Penanggungan. To facilitate the activities, GEN Corps cooperated with Catur of the Gunung Penanggungan Conservation Agency. In that activity, Catur informed about the importance of nature conservation, especially in the area of ​​Mount Penanggungan.

The tree planting mechanism at the peak of Mount Penanggungan is done by bringing trees from the administration post to the post guided directly by Catur. Trees planted were fruit trees so the fauna in the post can spread the seeds of fruit. Thus, the seeds of the fruit will grow and spread in the surrounding area.

Earth is where we grow, and where living things live. The earth is not part of us, but we are part of the earth. So, look after and respect the earth for a better life. Earth is the only treasure we have.  Earth needs a solution, not pollution! (*)

Author: Ely Ayu Andira and Yenny Paramitha

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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