Scout UKM Instills Discipline and Friendship through “Pesta Siaga”

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Enthusiastic participants follow the instruction of the seniors. (Photo by courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The 2018 Pesta Siaga was successfully held by Scout Student Activity Unit (UKM) Universitas Airlangga at the end of the first week of April. The event was held in UNAIR Campus C, followed by cub scouts (pramuka siaga) in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Pasuruan and surrounding areas.

Uswatun Khasanah as the chief executive explained the target of the event was elementary school children. The event was held to increase the love of culture and environment, to improve ability, agility and cohesiveness of the team, to make achievements, works, and scouting spirits.

“Another goal is to instill discipline, courage, strengthen friendships, and hone skills in technology. Because we believe good people are not formed suddenly, but from the habit that was developed early on so this event was held, “said Uswatun.

At the event, there were activities divided into making achievement and training. There were various competition, such as leaky pipe competition in teams, individual puzzle competition, and there was also a reporting contest before the event begins. Not only from the competitions, participants also get some useful trainings.

“Participants also get training on how to wash hands and brush teeth properly and correctly. They were very enthusiastic in the training, “said Uswatun.

Furthermore, Uswatun also explained that in the beginning there was a bit of a obstacle, but thankfully the event ran well until the overall champion was selected for boy and girl category.

“The overall champion of the 2018 Pesta Siaga in Surabaya was Madrasah Ibtida’iyah Negeri (MIN) Medokan Ayu for the boy category while the girl category was SD Negeri Kedungboto I Beji,” she added.

In the event, UNAIR Scout UKM did not forget to instill values ​​to the participants. The values were active, creative, and friendly. Because cub scouts period is the period to play and have fun, the committee did not overemphasize the spirit of competition.

At the end, Uswatun hoped that every individual is aware of the discipline. Because as we know, Indonesia has a common habit for being late.

“Impressions from participants were joy and excitement as they have many new friends. They can play together, although they must be wet during the competition, ” she concluded.

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana


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