FV Excellent Service Course
Students of Hospitality Management UNAIR after Handsome Class activities. (Photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – As one of the top universities in Indonesia, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has made innovations from each faculty. One of these innovations can be found in the lecture activities of Department of Hospitality Management (MH) students of Faculty of Vocational Studies.

Hospitality Management has unique learning activities, called Beauty Class and Handsome Class which was held on Monday, April 9. The event followed by the fourth semester students was part of the implementation of the Excellent Service course.

According to Dian Yulie Reindrawati S.Sos., M.M, as Coordinator of MH study program, Excellent Service is a course that equips students in providing excellent service to customer . Appearance, she continued, became one of the main components in providing excellent service.

“I think it’s important for the students not to put on makeup excessively. Now if we are in the hotel, we will feel discouraged if we are served by a weary-dressed staff, ” said the initiator of both activities.

Furthermore, the activities were held separately. Both classes were guided by Sella and Iwan. Both are experienced in the world of makeup. In practice, the two classes are held in an interesting way. It can be seen from the event with laughters.

Practical Work

For the effectiveness of the activities, each participant in the event was required to bring makeup and cosmetics. Then, guided by Sella and Iwan through explanation and given examples. So, not only based on explanation, but also practical.

Then, all the students who follow the activity imitate the instructors. The class becomes so loud sometimes. However, instructors were able to make class focus again.

Both Beauty Class and Handsome Class , according to Iwan, teach MH students to organize themselves properly, not excessively and to highlight the facial plus aspects.

Make-ups are not used to change our face. Just to highlight the plus aspects and cover the negatives, “he said.

Both activities, added Iwan, were for the course. But they are different from the task.

“It’s for practice. If in Faculty of Vocational Studies  60% is practice 40% is theory. So for the assignment on theories is rarely given, “said Iwan. (*)

Author: Moh. Alfarizqy

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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