With Polrestabes, FISIP UNAIR Holds Public Relations Lecture

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Kapolrestabes Surabaya attends the lecture. (Photo by courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – It is a duty for an institution of higher education to contribute scientifically to all elements of society. It is no exception for the police force. In this regard, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Universitas Airlangga in collaboration with Polrestabes Surabaya held a public relations lecture held on Tuesday, April 10.

Public relations lecture attended by public relations of Kapolsek in Polrestabes Surabaya intended to provide insight on public relations, either insight in providing services to the public as well as mechanisms in addressing information in the media. The lecture held at Adi Sukadana FISIP UNAIR was also attended by students of S2 Media and Communication UNAIR.

Moderated directly by the political communication expert Dr. Suko Widodo, M.Si., the lecture was opened with various statements Suko on UNAIR commitment in improving the quality of human resources in all layers of society. In addition, Suko also hoped that the ranks of the Police in Surabaya City can be more humanist and scientific in carrying out their duties as community protector.

“This is one of our efforts to improve the quality of human resources of police force. Including, in the future we will strive to provide S2 media and communication scholarship for the police who are interested in learning, “he said.

In response to Suko, Head of Master’s Program Media and Communications UNAIR Dr. Santi Isnaini, S.Sos., said that the function of an institution’s relationship to the community is closeness. According to him, efforts to improve the quality of knowledge on public relations is a way to bring an institution closer to the community.

“This short lecture is one of our concerns, especially FISIP UNAIR in encouraging every institution including Police force,” explained Santi.

In a different occasion, the Dean of FISIP UNAIR Dr. Falih Suaedi said that his faculty responded well to the lecture. Falih insisted that in the future, FISIP UNAIR will continue to contribute in science through lectures and discussions to all elements of society.

“Not only the police and the public relations materials, in the future the lectures will present politics, sociology, and various sciences,” he said.

Author: Nuri Hermawan


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