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Illustrated by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – Bidikmisi education aid initiated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) administration in 2010 started to show results. There are a lot of graduates who have been active in each field of science. One of them, is Yafi, a medical study graduate.

Universitas Airlangga as one of the best medical faculties in Indonesia also educates students of bidikmisi. Now, for the second time, UNAIR NEWS will present the profile and story of UNAIR graduated doctor who took Medicine supported by bidikmisi education. He is dr. Yafi Rushan Rusli who is now serving at one of the government-owned hospitals in his homeland, Blitar, East Java.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS, the doctor who took Medicine in 2011 was very grateful to be able to study medicine with the help of bidikmisi.

“I am indeed grateful to be able to study in a large campus with bidikmisi. Now. It’s time for me to serve and repay the services to the nation and the state, “said the doctor known as Yafi.

Asked about experience during dedication, Yafi said that he gained a lot of learning, experience, and knowledge considering the condition of the hospital in the area is very different from RSUD dr. Soetomo where he studied.

“It is clearly more practical here (RS regional, ed) and we have more responsibility,” he said.

Furthermore, regarding his plans for the future, Yafi said that he was determined to continue his studies to specialist education. Although, he added, it will not be in the near future as good preparation is needed.

“I want to continue to a specialist, but I do not know yet. After this service I want to work first and save some money, “he explained.

At the end, Yafi advised his juniors at UNAIR to study well. Regarding the allowance earned from the government each month, Yafi advised them to manage the finance wisely.

“It all depends on us, it could be enough, depending on our own management. For those who are still S1, study well. When you are in residency you can spare more time to teach, “he explained. “And, do not forget to maintain solidarity with fellow bidikmisi friends,” he concluded.


Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Feri Fenoria



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