FK UNAIR Orthopaedic Alumni Establishes Cycling Club

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AOS Cycling Team
SOLID TEAM: Alumni Orthopaedi Surabaya (AOS) during their campaign of cycling. (Photo: Sefya Hayu)

UNAIRNEWS– Life is to move. That is the spirit that the activists of Alumni Orthopedi Surabaya (AOS) wish to share with their members. They are invited to participate in cycling activity.

In the yard of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, dozens of AOS held a Reunion and Bicycle Assembling event, on Sunday, March 3. There were 80 imported  bikes purchased for then later assembled together with assisted technicians. Interestingly, on each body of the bike there is a bright green logo AOS, a sign of an exclusive order.

Doctor Muhammad Nadir Fahri in his speech said that some members of AOS have already been active cycling, both alone and with the community. Then, the AOS members wanted to establish their own club.

So, in addition to meeting old friends, they can exercise and maintain health. Therefore, they agreed to have uniform with the same brand and color. In the future, the bike will be used for cycling together.

“As planned, these bikes will be used for the first time in Banjarmasin, with SOC Seminar there, next May, we’ll go there with a bike,” said the doctor who served in Pamekasan.

The establishment of cycling club was the first in AOS environment. Since 2017, active members were about 40 people. Hopefully, with a cycling club, other members will join.

According to Nadir, cycling is a cardio sport, light exercise but very positive for the long term.

“It’s safe for any ages, because cycling does not burden the knee. By sitting knees move without excessive burden, “he said.

He added that for overweight people have difficulty to run as it could hurt their legs.

Solid Team

In the first session, AOS bought 80 bicycles from a container containing 100 bicycles. The price was set at Rp 17.6 million, still below the market price for the same brand which was Rp. 23.8 million per bike.

After that, the handover of the bike was marked by handing a bicycle to a senior alumnus, Doctor Satriyo. He lifted the bike during the photo shoot.

“We, elders of alumni, want to get along well, not only meet in scientific forums, but we can also be together in sports events. If possible, we’ll have more types of sports. So, we do not only look for money, but also exercise with friends, “said Dr. Satriyo.

Author: Sefya Hayu

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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