Synergy to Improve Branding and Internalization

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UNAIR NEWS – For the next special coverage, UNAIR NEWS will feature the figure of Nanda Danu Lukita. Danu is from Magetan. He is trusted to the Head of BEM Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) UNAIR 2018.

Regarding organization, Danu has a lot of experience. Since in Vocational High School (SMK), he has been active in organizations. In the first year of school, Danu was trusted as Deputy 1 of Student Association (OSIS) and in the second year, he was trusted to be the Head of OSIS.

He is also active in organizations during college. For Danu, the first two years in BEM FPK as staff must be continued.

“I have been a staff and department head in the previous two years. In this third year despite the drive to take part in a larger organization, but because of my love to FPK, so I chose to serve BEM FPK, “said Danu.

Regarding the work program during his leadership, Danu said that BEM FPK has two foci selected, branding and internalization. According to Danu, branding will be done by bringing up new work programs such as Futsal Competition for senior high schools (SMA) and Annual International Seminar in cooperation with lecturers.

“Internalization is necessary because we want to grow a sense of belonging for all members of BEM. In addition, we also want to instill values ​​of regeneration so in organization it can be easier, “said Danu.

For this reason, Danu and the team named the Cabinet of BEM FPK as Synergy Cabinet. According to Danu, the name was chosen because it was in line with the objective of BEM FPK. I want to strengthen the trust of all components in FPK so that they can collaborate and work together well.

“BEM is nothing without your supports (academician of FPK, ed). Therefore, let’s build FPK together, “said Danu.

At the end of the conversation, Danu gave an encouragement. “I’m from SMK and I can do it, of course you can as well,” he concluded.


Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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