Rouf-Yusuf Lantern Cabinet Ready to Guide AUBMO

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AUBMO leadership
Ready for AUBMO: Head and Deputy of AUBMO 2018/2019 Mohammad Nur Rouf and Muhammad Yusuf Hidayat. (Photo: M. Najib Rahman)

UNAIR NEWS – A lantern has a faint glow of light. One lantern will be too dim to be able to illuminate and warm a dark room. Therefore, it takes a lot of lanterns to gather together to illuminate and warm a room. That’s why the Head of the Airlangga University Bidikmisi Organization (AUBMO, ed) 2018/2019 period chose the term “Lantern” for the cabinet.

After going through such a long process, the AUBMO Great Assembly finally agreed on Mohammad Nur Rouf as the new Head of AUBMO period 2018/2019. To UNAIR NEWS, in Student Center Hall of Campus C UNAIR after the handover of the position, elected Head who is familiarly called Rouf said that to be AUBMO Head, he always tried his best and made himself to be worthy of receiving the mandate.

On choosing Muhammad Yusuf Hidayat as deputy, Rouf sad that he believed that Yusuf was able to support him during the leadership. Regarding plans for the future, Rouf and Yusuf have agreed on some goals.

“We have planned programs that are ready to be implemented and succeeded next year,” he said.

In line with this, Yusuf, the deputy of AUBMO said that they will continue to implement programs that have been designed together. Yusuf also confessed that there was no previous talk about his mandate to become the deputy of AUBMO.

“At first it had felt burdened because of the responsibility was too big. But Yusuf remained committed to always accompany Rouf as well as possible. And certainly, I personally will continue to support the Head of AUBMO elected until the end of the period, “explained Yusuf.


About the breakthrough in their future work programs, Rouf said that there will be different breakthrough from the previous leadership. Seeing the lack of attention to student aspirations during this time, Rouf planned that AUBMO will come to every faculty to accommodate the aspirations of students.

“In the future, we will come to every faculty to review and accompany them during the process. What they feel is the same as what I feel. And Inshallah we will facilitate their aspirations, “said the student of Indonesian Literature 2016.

At the end, Rouf and Yusuf said that they had great hopes for stewardship period 2018/2019. Rouf hoped that the stewardship this year can be better than the previous stewardship.

“Hopefully this year, our shared ideals can be conveyed, dreams come true, and what cannot be done last year can be done years now,” he hoped.

In the meantime, Yusuf hoped that the whole board would have clear intention. And they are sincere in carrying out the mandate that has been given.

“I expect all friends to confirm their intentions, sincerely in running the mandate, have a clear resolve that someday when we hit something that hampers our way we can show our resolve, and always have spirit and be consistent,” he concluded.

Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Nuri Hermawan



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