UNAIR NEWS – Basic life support (BLS) knowledge is very important for everyone, especially to face the moments of emergency around him. The goal is to reduce the greater risk, even death.

According to the BLS instructor from the Department of Anesthesiology & Reanimation FK UNAIR April Poerwanto Basoeki, dr., Sp.An KIC., If we witness a man suddenly fall and lethargic, the first step to do is to lie them on the flat bed. Check the victim’s consciousness.

“Call him out loud and pat his shoulders quite hard,” he said in training at FK some time ago.

If the victim is not conscious, shout “Code Blue” to ask for help. Code Blue is an international code to ask for help for an unconscious victim. Meanwhile, Code Red is the password for fire assistance. Immediately ask for help from others to call the hospital, ambulance, or contact the security guard. dr. Soetomo’s Code Blue Center phone number is (031) 550-1234.

While asking for someone else’s help, you should hurry to help the victim by raising their head. Check their breathing by listening to the nose or mouth of the victim. Do not bother yourself by checking the victim’s pulse. As a layman, we will certainly have trouble finding where the victim’s pulse is.

“Tilt their head back to open their airway. Because, usually the position of unconscious people tend to face down, which can lock the way of breathing, “he said.

If the victim is not breathing or breathing heavily, immediately do a heart massage by pressing the center of the victim’s chest repeatedly like pumping. The goal is to keep pumping blood to the brain and other vital organs of the body.

Every 30 heart massages (at a rate of 120 X per minute) blow into the victim’s mouth. If you do not want or be able to do your breathing, do a heart massage only. When there are two helpers, heart massage can be performed in turns.

“Keep massaging the heart until the victim is awake or until the team of doctors arrives. If up to 20 minutes or 30 minutes the victim is not conscious and the Code Blue team has not arrived yet. The helpers should please stand in line and together say innalillahi wainnalillahi rojiun, “said Doctor April, then smiled. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha
Editor: Feri Fenoria