Welcoming Anniversary, PKPB UNAIR Aids Three Orphanages

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Head of PKPB Universitas Airlangga Dra. Kusmawati gives the aid to the management of Pondok Liposos in Keputih Surabaya. (Photo: Yitno Ramli)

UNAIR NEWS – Welcoming its anniversary,  Retiree Association of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), on Saturday, March 17 held community service (baksos) in three different orphanages in Surabaya .

” InsyaAllah, this kind of community service will be our annual agenda and will be held before the anniversary of PKPB UNAIR,” said Head of PKPB Universitas Airlangga, Dra. Kusmawati to unair.news, Monday, March 19. As we know, PKPB UNAIR was inaugurated on April 1, 2017.

PKPB members visited three orphanages for community service. First, Griya Wreda in Jambangan. In the orphanage that accommodates the elderly, PKPB members directly distributed 123 aid packages to the residents. There were 47 for male occupants, and 76 for female occupants. Besides distributing the aid, PKPB also conducts dialogue with the residents.

baksos pkpb
A dialogue between PKPB UNAIR dengan penghuni Panti Wreda Jambangan. (Foto: Yitno Ramli)

Then PKPB members moved to the Environment Social Shelter (Liponsos) in Keputih which accommodates 1,600 people, including street children, homeless (T4), and so on. Here PKPB members could not directly distribute the aid packages, but the donations were handed over to the shelter management, who knows better the needs of the orphanage.

Finally, they moved to an orphanage in Mulyorejo, near Campus C UNAIR. Here PKPB can distribute the aids directly to orphans.

“It feels good and I’m happy to be able to share directly with the children who still really need this affection,” said a member of PKPB members.

Described by Head of PKPB UNAIR Dra. Kusmawati, the aids for this community service was from the money collected from members. It reached millions of rupiah and used to buy goods needed by the orphans.

baksos pkpb
Head of PKPB UNAIR Dra. Kusmawati gives the aid package to an orphan in Mulyorejo Surabaya. (Photo: Yitno Ramli)

“To the PKPB members, thank you for the sincerity and togetherness in establishing this sharing relationship,” said Mrs. Wati.

The goods donated in the community service sarong (93 pieces), 64 female house dresses, 14 sets of bathroom sanitizers, 200 bars of soaps, 28 packs of sanitary napkins (50 Pcs contents), 40 packs of sanitary pads (fill 10 ). 120 toothbrushes, 120 toothpaste (120pcs), 72 Pcs of bras, 120 Pcs of underwears, 25 kg of rice, and 20 boxes of instant noodles. (*)

Author : Bambang Bes

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