‘Airlangga Knights’ Floating Hospital Has Served More Than 2,000 Patients

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Among hundreds of residents around the Port of Kalimas Surabaya queue for health services at "Airlangga Knights" Floating Hospital on Sunday, March 11. (Photo: Helda Budiyanti / YKMA)

UNAIR NEWS – Drs. Ec. Hariyanto Basoeni, General Chairman of IKA Universitas Airlangga, was grateful after witnessing the community service by “Knights of Airlangga” Floating Hospital (RST) which always gets enthusiastic response from the community. To date, the hospital has served 2,000 patients. It was recorded from the community service in Bawean (October 2017), on the island of Kangean (November 2017), and the latest in the Port of Kalimas Surabaya, March 11, 2018.

“We as alumni of UNAIR are always grateful that the welcoming is extraordinary. There were about 600 people queuing for RST service. They are residents around the harbor, crew members who have not sailed, and port officers, ” said Hariyanto Basoeni yesterday. Some online transport drivers also lined up.

In the community service, Vice Rector IV UNAIR Junaidi Khotib, S.Si., M.Kes., Ph.D., Apt., Ka Dinkes Jatim. Dr. Dr. Kohar Hari Santoso, Sp.An. KIC.KAP., Secretary of Ksatria Medica Airlangga Foundation (YKMA / operational manager of RST). Dr. Suwaspodo Henry Wibowo, Sp.An., MARS as the person in charge, Chairman of IKA Faculty of Medicine UNAIR Dr. Pudjo Hartono, dr., Sp.OG., Chairman of IKA-UA East Java. Hendy Hendarto, Sp.OG., and other YKMA board and staff.

Staff of YKMA and UNAIR alumni on the deck of floating hospital at Kalimas Harbor, Sunday, March 11. (Photo: Helda Budiyanti / YKMA)

Pak Har, emphasized again that RST “Knight Airlangga” was initiated by colleagues of medical alumni of FK UNAIR. It was then built with other UNAIR Alumni Associations, and it is intended to serve the community, especially the people who are still difficult to reach adequate health services. For example, people in remote and outer islands in Indonesia.

“We develop this UNAIR Floating Hospital to help and complement the health services of the government, through services that reach. Therefore we are grateful to the institutions, agencies, organizations and donors who have been involved to support us, “added Chairman of IKA UNAIR.

In fact, RST “Airlangga Knight” has been requested by the Ministry of Health to be able to attend and provide its community service in Papua, especially providing services to Asmat community. However, it may be done after fulfilling the public demand in Sapeken Island Sumenep regency and other outer islands in East Java.

“Therefore we ask for prayers and support of friends from the press and all parties, so RST will be able to implement its humanitarian vision and missions to the people of Indonesia,” said Pak Har, alumni of the Faculty of Economics UNAIR.

Secretary YKMA as well as the PIC of the community service, dr. Suwaspodo Henry Wibowo, explained that until now RST has been equipped with adequate medical facilities. There is an operating room / basic surgery, space and optic surgery equipment, medication services, even patient treatment rooms.

There are also medical specialists on board, such as surgeon (Sp.B), Optic Specialist (Sp.M), obstetrics and gynecology specialist (Sp.OG), anesthesia specialist (Sp.An), child specialist (Sp.A), and internal medicine specialist (Sp .PD).

AMONG the citizens who get treatments at the Port of Kalimas. (Photo: Helda Budiyanti / YKMA)


In the middle of March 2018, RST “Airlangga Knight” UNAIR has served at least 2,099 patients. Dr. Henry in details elaborated that there were 449 patients from Bawean community service, 1,050 patients on Kangean Island, and in Kalimas harbor, there were 600 patients.

In Bawean, out of 449 patients, 59 patients had surgery and 43 had cataract surgery. On Kangean Island was three times, ie 1,050 patients. From thousands of patients, there were 65 patients with surgeries, three of whom were caesarean, 137 cataract eye patients, and the rest were other health services.

As already reported by news.unair.ac.id., RST used Phinisi ship type(Bugis typical ship) built in Galesong shipyard, Kab. Takalar, South Sulawesi. The ship sized 27 x 7.5 meters is built to be anchored in the port / landing of the people on the small and outermost islands.

Nevertheless RST is able to wade through the vast ocean. As a proof, in the first voyage from Makassar to Gresik was made in three days / nights.

In fact, the captain of the ship Mudasir, the hospital ship has not tried its full speed, because the engine is new or in break-in period . So only its 70% only, or between 9 to 11 knots / hour. On the way to Surabaya with 4,000 liters of diesel, it arrived in Gresik with remaining 1,000 liters. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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