Teja-Fairuz Ready to Lead BEM KM UNAIR 2018

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Teja and Fairuz UNAIR
READY TO LEAD: Head and Deputy of BEM KM UNAIR elected Galuh Teja Sakti and M. Fairuzzudin Zuhair. (Photo: Personal Document)

UNAIR NEWS – After going through a very long process, Universitas Airlangga finally has a new Head and Deputy of the Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM KM). As in previous years, the election of Head and Deputy of BEM KM UNAIR was conducted directly by the Election Committee (PPK) BEM KM UNAIR 2018.

The process itself starts from the stage of election, dissemination and debate of candidates to the session of PPK BEM KM UNAIR 2018 which was held on March 10 – 11, 2018. PPK BEM KM UNAIR session held in Campus C Student Center Hall, decided Galuh Teja Sakti and M. Fairuzzudin Zuhair to lead the BEM KM UNAIR period of 2018.

Concerning the decision, UNAIR NEWS got responses from elected candidate pairs to lead BEM KM UNAIR one year ahead. Teja said that the struggle is still very long. Therefore, for the next nine months or so, he and his team will be fully committed to realizing their vision and missions.

“And we really hope that in this period there will be a new history engraved in the movement of BEM KM UNAIR. Because our pretension is for devotion, not dedication to pretension, “said the student of FH UNAIR.

Meanwhile, Fairuz as Deputy of BEM KM UNAIR elected also said that it will strive to realize the jargon that is always expressed during the candidate debate. To him, the jargon of “Nyalakan Nyali Nyatakan Kerja” (Be Gutsy Present Work) becomes a huge responsibility. For that, it will try as much as possible to realize the expectations of all students and bring the movement BEM KM UNAIR even better.

“This election is a place for self-actualization in monitoring various regional and national campus policies. We really hope the role of all UNAIR students in realizing our vision and missions, especially for Airlangga and civilized Indonesia, “added the FST student.


Author: Nuri Hermawan

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