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UNAIR NEWS – Robby Arsyahdani feels proud of himself. His struggle in Universitas Airlangga led to a great result. The graduate born in Tuban, May 20, 1994, was awarded as the best graduate of Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) Universitas Airlangga in March 2018 graduation. He obtained 3.91 GPA.

“I feel inferior at first at college. You can say I was too old to be a freshman. I missed a year in high school for following a student exchange to America in 2011-2012, ” Robby said.

Graduated from high school, Robby had time to study D4 in Electrical Engineering major at one of the universities in Surabaya. But because he felt uncomfortable, it lasted for a year only. After that he continued his education to the department of English Literature at FIB Universitas Airlangga.

Being embarrassed to his parents for taking too long to graduate, Robby finally looking for income to finance his college. For example during the holidays he did an internship at English First.

“Starting my fourth semester I worked part time there. So from morning until noon at campus, later at five pm (17.00 pm) worked at First English, ” he said.

In addition to being preoccupied with internship activities, Robby is also active in the community of Bina Antarbudaya. It selects high school students who will study abroad also selects foreign students who will study in Indonesia.

“So it is a kind of organization that is engaged in Intercultural Learning. It is like the Indonesian version of American Field Service (AFS), “explained Robby.

Regarding his thesis, Robby wrote about the Interaction of Teachers and Students in English Class in a boarding school.” In his writing he compared ideas of demanding English learning which expects students to be active with the characteristics of students at pesantren (Islamic boarding school) which should tawadhu ‘ (obey) the teacher.

Robby, Language Ambassador of East Java in 2013 -Top 25- is currently busy with his work. However, he aspires to continue his master studies. He has a plan to continue studying in New Zealand.

He advised his juniors to improve or maintain their academic performance and hone their soft skills. “So as much as possible to manage the time to learn both as well as you can,” added Robby. (*)

Author: M. Najib Rachman

Editor: Bambang Bes.


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