KPU Goes to Campus 2018 Started at UNAIR

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KPU Goes to Campus 2018
In cooperation with Universitas Airlangga, the General Election Commission (KPU) held Goes to Campus 2018 in the parking lot of Campus C on Monday, March 12. (Photo: Feri Fenoria)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga became the first campus to host a series of Goes to Campus KPU activities 2018. Activities by the General Election Commission (KPU) in cooperation with UNAIR was held in the parking lot of Campus C on Monday, March 12. Participated by a number of students and civitas, it was a talk show about the election, both legislative (pileg) and presidential election (pilpres).

Attending at the event was Chairman of KPU Arif Budiman. According to him, the activity was very important to do especially as an effort to increase interest and participation of youth, through students.

“We need to instill that the right to vote is important to the community, especially the youth. So it must be used very well, ” he told UNAIR NEWS before the event.

The activity was presented with “current” concept. As outdoor activity, there were exciting games and a variety of election themed culinary dishes from Rawon Coblos, Rujak Cingur Capres, Caleg Meatball, Campaign Soto, Dawet Political Parties, TPS Es Tape, Batagor Somay KPPS, to Quick Count Ice Degan.

“Universitas Airlangga through Surabaya, especially East Java, opened this series of activities among ten campuses. We know, East Java has the second largest population after West Java, ” he said.

Furthermore, in the talk show, the speakers Pramono (Commissioner of the National Commission), Eko (chairman of East Java KPUD), and Dr. Suko Widodo, Drs., M.Si., (political observer from FISIP UNAIR) and moderated Anya Dwinov, one of the national TV presenter, and Pulung, the presenter of JTV, discussed about various topics related to the election.

“We hope the students can take advantage of this opportunity (Election, ed) to contribute and determine the fate of this nation,” said Suko. “Opportunity to choose becomes the key to unravel the political problems (for example, corruption) that happen this time. So, be a responsive and intelligent voters, “he added.

In addition, Dr. Suko added that youth, especially students, were the future owners. Therefore, if they want to change the situation, they must create synergy.

“Unity is important so that TPS (polling station, ed) is not just a place of selfie , “said Suko.

Meanwhile, representing the Rector of UNAIR, Dr. M. Hadi Shubhan, SH., MH., CN., In his speech hoped that youth, especially UNAIR students, actively participate in building Indonesian democracy. One of them with various student activities on campus.

“Including actively follow and guard the activities of democracy in the community. Do not just be a spectator, but you must be involved at least use the right to vote well and wisely, “he said. (*)


Author: Moh. Alfarizqy / Feri Fenoria

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