The Best Doctoral Graduate of FK, IGN Darmaputra, Both Academic and Entrepreneur

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IGN and Rector UNAIR
IGN Darmaputra receives the certificate from the Rector of UNAIR Prof. Moh Nasih, in the graduation ceremony at UNAIR, last March 2018. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS   The advice of a teacher was able to boost the spirit of I Gusti Nyoman Darmaputra to immediately complete his doctoral studies (S3) at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga.

“Studying at college should not be long, think of it like walking on hot coals, be hurry to get out,” the message of the teacher quoted by IGN Darmaputra. So, he hurried to be graduated and awarded as the best graduate in March 2018 graduation.

From the beginning, the Malayan-born man on 18 January 1980 was determined to immediately graduate from S3 Medical Science FK UNAIR. It was understandable as during college in Surabaya he live far from his family in Bali.

“As I did it with my other activities , I try to stay focused on lectures and research, so I could able to graduate with a satisfactory result,” he said.

IGN Darmaputra, in addition to being a lecturer of bachelor’s and PPDS (Medical Specialist Education Program), he is also spirited enterpreneurshipDo not be surprised if this time he is managing 18 beauty clinics he pioneered since 2010. The clinics are in Bali, Jakarta, Tangerang, Makassar, Malang, Gresik and Lombok.

In his academic performance, he was awarded first winner as oral presenter in the PERDOSKI Congress. He is also active in the organization HIPMI (Association of Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs of Indonesia) Bali Province, as Chairman of HIPMI period 2017-2020.

His business in non-academic fields can be done in line with the academic field. It is acknowledged that his concentration of learning was split as he was preoccupied with the campaign during the election of Chairman of HIPMI, at that time. “But in-between the campaign I had time to study and read online journals through gadgets, ” he added.

Perhaps, his success in the field of business is none other than because of his ability to apply his knowledge as a beauty surgeon. Moreover, the “capital” for it was also obtained in 2010 when the alumni of Udayana University Medical Faculty also took Cosmetic Surgical Training, at Tongji University-Shanghai, China .

The father of three children deepens the beauty surgery liposuction techniques. IGN Darmaputra is not only explore the field of aesthetics related to the beauty clinics business.

In fact he is focusing in the case of leprosy. “I feel compelled to examine the mechanism of nerve damage in leprosy patients,” he told UNAIR NEWS last week. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha

Editor: Bambang Bes


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