“Ayo Belajar” 2018 Participates in Anti-Corruption Education

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Ayo BElajar
A serious child writes in a community service program in Jagir, Wonokromo. (Photo: Feri Fenoria )

UNAIR NEWS –  BEM FISIP program, Ayo Belajar 2018 (Let’s Learn 2018), has been conducted for four periods. The program for the community was previously held in Mojo. In this period, BEM FISIP held the program at Gubeng Klingsingan.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on Tuesday, March 6, the representative of Ministry of Community Service (Pengmas) BEM FISIP 2018 UNAIR Kevina Agatha (International Relations, 2015) described Ayo Belajar program in 2018. According to Kevina, a lot of social problems in urban areas are caused by low level of education. Through the program, the ministry of government was trying to give some of education.

“Here, we try to support the education of younger generation. Our difference with other learning activities is that we do not just provide academic learning, but also soft skills such as making crafts, drawing, reciting Quran, dancing, and games that develop socially, ” Kevina explained.

Meanwhile, Minister of Community Service BEM FISIP 2018 Gita added that Ayo Belajar also educate students on anti-corruption value. In principle, even the slightest corruption should be avoided.

The target of the program is the people in the neighborhood. Gubeng Klingsingan was chosen based on the economic level of the surrounding population.

“We are here to see an economic disparity. We also see the positive responses and enthusiasm from the kids and neighborhood officials, “said Kevina.

About the results of the program, Kevina hopes the younger siblings understand the lessons given and the problems around, especially corruption. Therefore, data is collected when the lesson is over.

“We must set a target to know its achievements. So, the children’s shortcomings will be recorded. For example, their inability on multiplication. In the first period, next two months, they are expected to be better, “added Gita.

Gita revealed, Ayo Belajar also have a teacher training called College Student School. The training is aimed at training teachers to be prepared well for teaching younger generation.

“We bring in a child psychologist. Later, friends can share the obstacles in the field and psychologist can give suggestions. We provide briefing styles or ways of learning so friends who may have never taught will know as well. Each child has different characters, “said Gita.

Through such community service program, Gita hoped that students can sharpen empathy. For example, to help around . “We facilitate friends to share, empathy. Whether through money or sharing knowledge, “he said. (*)


Author: Moh. Alfarizqy

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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