FISIP UNAIR Participates in Women’s Struggle

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Novri Susan S.Sos., MA., Ph.D., moderated the public discussion commemorating international women's day. (Photo: Siti Nur Umami)

UNAIR NEWS – Social media today is very important role and women have a role in it. On International Women’s Day, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Universitas Airlangga, held a public discussion with on “Women and Social Media”.

The discussion that was held in Adi Sukadana Room on Thursday, March 8, was appreciated by Vice Dean III FISIP UNAIR Prof. Myrtati Dyah Artaria Dra, M.A., Ph.D. In his speech, Prof. Myrtati revealed that the issue of gender equality is still relevant for women.

“Women still considered gender equality as an important issue as many of them do not feel it. On this woman’s day, we must raise and commemorate the struggle of women, ” she said.

The public discussion was attended by experts in their field, from Professor of Gender Sociology Prof. Dr. Emy Susanti, M.A., Contemporary Women’s Search Engineer, Dr. Tri Susantari Dra, M.Si., Media and Social Media Specialist Dr. Liestianingsih Dwi D, M.Si., and Novri Susan S. Sos., MA., Ph.D., as a sociological observer.

Beginning the discussion, Novri started with the reality of social media and women today. He explained that social media should be a new stage in accelerating advocacy. It is the same with the partiarch system that has spread in social media.

“This system puts women after men. So, men are more dominant, “said Novri.

Agreed with Novri, Liestianingsih explained that social media in the digital age brings interactive communication, no longer a one way communication. Everyone can share and upload anything, even things from their private sphere. Various moments of marriage, family, sadness, and excitement are shared to public, even the quarrel of husband and wife. Unfortunately, unfaithfulness is no longer a personal area.

“A lot of social media users uploading photos of their children, but photos of children under 10 years are not allowed because it is prone to be used for crime,” said Liestianingsih.

In the phenomenon of pelakor (woman who have disturbed other women’s spouses), Liestianingsih explained that in social media there are two sides, women who are abandoned by spouses or women who are accused of being “usurpers”. The latter are often bullied by the netizens in social media, but mostly from women. Then, where are the unfaithful men?

“What happens to the pelakor is a form of violence to women. Infidelity occurs because women seize husbands and women as wives are considered fail to take care their social life, ” she explained.

“We agree that in this current situation, we still need to fight for equality. Do not be a passive youth, be active in thinking and we should take part, “closed the moderator.

Happy International Women’s Day, Take Part and Keep Going Forward!

Author: Siti Nur Umami

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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