Ahmad Aziz
AHMAD Azis receives certificate from UNAIR Rector Prof. M. Nasih after receiving the award charter. (Photo: Bambang Bes)
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UNAIR NEWS – The tight schedule of activities outside college did not stop Ahmad Aziz Putra Pratama from becoming the best graduate. Aziz, coming from a remote village in Rembang, Central Java, was motivated to always make achievements while studying at UNAIR. Finally, the graduate of Management bachelor’s program successfully graduated as the best graduate of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Universitas Airlangga with 3.97 GPA, almost perfect.

His activities beside college study were stock trading, teaching as assistant lecturers, attending capital market schools, event committees, being one of the research surveyors, training at TBI English Course, following the Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI), following Basic Financial Accounting and Internal Audit & Fraud Detection Course by IAI.

“I come from a small village, Pantiharjo, Kec. Kaliori, Kab. Rembang, Central Java. I’m from a simple family. Students from my village rarely go to college, “he added.

During college, Aziz’s outstanding achievements were a finalist of the Innovative Research Paper Competition, finalist of the Management Case Analysis Competition, and the NAZAVA Group Surveyor Team. All achieved in 2016.

For Aziz, it is very important to manage time between lectures, worship, relationships, organizations, competitions, family, and other activities. Do not just focus on academic performance, because there are many activities with positive values.

The Education Business division, Workshop Entrepreneur & Business Society (WEBS) 2015-2016 staff understood that for students, planning is very important. Such as creating a timeline of activities, expenditures and cash inflows, financial conditions, and targets to be achieved within a certain period.

“It is very important for students to start planning before it’s too late. Because for me people who have no planning at all are people who are planning for a failure, “he said.

After graduation, Aziz will continue his activities as the Assistant Lecturer Coordinator of Financial Management, trade stocks in free time, work on several projects as freelancers and attend the IAI training in the evening. (*)

Author: Binti Quryatul Masruroh

Editor: Bambang Bes.



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