Rector: Dato’ Sri Tahir is An Inspiring Philanthropist

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Tahir HC
UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih gives honoris causa Doctorate diploma to Dato' Sri Prof. DR. (H.C.) Tahir, MBA., witnessed by Menristekdikti and Chairman of MWA UNAIR. (Photo: Bambang Edi S)

UNAIR NEWS – The Procession of Honoris Causa Degree conferment to Dato’ Sri Prof. DR. (H.C.) Tahir, MBA., ran solemnly. At Garuda Mukti Hall, Campus C, Airlangga University, on Thursday, March 8, Dato’ Tahir received an honorary degree in Economics and Public Policy from Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR.

Therefore, the Dean of FEB UNAIR Prof. Dr. Dian Agustia, S.E., M.Si., Ak., as the promoter stated that the honorary doctorate awarded to Dato’ Tahir was correct. In addition to departing from the government’s decision, the honorary doctorate given to Dato ‘Tahir was an appreciation for his contributions in solving various problems of the nation and the world.

“Not only that, he has also been an outstanding lecturer at FEB UNAIR had been a speaker in public lectures to students, ” she explained.

Then, in front of the hundreds of audiences consisting of several important state officials, Dato ‘Tahir presented his oration “Making Indonesia’s Economy Competitive Globally by Managing Resources : Resource-Based Theory Perspective ” and shared his long road to success. Although for him, success is a process and a path he has to walk on.

“For me, life is like climbing mountains. Storms must continue to be faced and every success phase is a path that must be continued, “he said.

In addition, Dato’ Tahir who was born in Surabaya, March 26, 1952, revealed that the award of honorary doctorate awarded by UNAIR is an extraordinary award. Because Surabaya as his birthplace is closely related to the existence of UNAIR which is also located in the middle of the City of Heroes.

“I am a native of Surabaya. My house is downtown. So, not just Surabaya suburbs, ” he said, followed with laughter from the audience.

At the end of the oration, Dato’ Tahir emphasized the importance of the role of philanthropy. For him, philanthropy is not a charity or social responsibility activity but a commitment that must continue to be done.

“Whatever the circumstances, philanthropy is a commitment. The joint effort to bring about justice and make this nation more civilized, “he said.

After the exposure of Dato ‘Tahir, Rector of UNAIR Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak., CMA., stated that the things exposed by Dato’ Tahir is in line with UNAIR’s determination for the next five years. “We are also committed to realize a Just and Civilized Indonesia,” said Prof. Nasih

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Feri Fenoria R


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