UNAIR Physiotherapy Students Win Third at National Olympiad

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NAtional Olympiad 3rd place
From the left to right: Lecturer of STIKES Catholic St. Vincentius a Paulo, Luthfiyatus Setia, Dimas Aji, and Estu Meilani after the awarding session. (Private Doc)

UNAIR NEWS – Delegation of Universitas Airlangga successfully won the third place in competition held by STIKES Catholic St. Vincentius a Paulo, Surabaya. It was called Professional Skill Competition and held on Thursday, March 1for nursing and physiotherapy students throughout Indonesia.

The UNAIR delegation was Estu Meilani, Dimas Aji, and Luthfiyatus Setia. All of them are students of D3 Physiotherapy, Faculty of Vocational, UNAIR, in their six semesters.

According to Estu, one of the members, it is not easy for him and the team to win. With only a week’s preparation, they succeeded in showing that with seriousness, even in just a short time, could bring benefits.

There were three rounds in the competition. First round was a writing test and the best five teams selected. The second round was intelligence quiz and three teams to qualify to the final round.

Estu admitted, the difficulties encountered in the field was due to the lack of preparation. However, they remain confident and eager to keep fighting until the final round.

” Well, we’ve done our best . So suddenly we’re in the final. Alhamdulillah , “said Estu.

This kind of competition is quite popular with UNAIR students. Because, competing with students throughout Indonesia can be a place to hone skills obtained from the classes.

After winning the third trophy, they were even encouraged to contribute to UNAIR in the national arena, especially for D3 Physiotherapy who is under Faculty of Vocational Studies.

“We will continue to learn so in the next competitions we can win the first place, even the grand champion,” said Estu. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

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