Head of PPMB: Participants Must Understand Selection Mechanism

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Achmad Solihin
Head of PPMB UNAIR Achmad Solihin, SE., M.Si., talks about the admission mechanism in UNAIR. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga endlessly provides direction, input, and information to the public regarding various process of State University National Admission Selection (SNMPTN), and State University Joint Entrance Test (SBMPTN)  and Independent Admission pathway.

On the second day of Airlangga Education Expo, February 24, UNAIR through its Student Admission Center (PPMB) provided guidance in the talk show and question and answer session on the pathways to state universities. In front of the participants consisting of headmasters, teachers, and students, Achmad Solihin, SE., M.Si., as the Head of PPMB UNAIR, in the talk show presented the mechanisms to be considered.

In the SNMPTN pathway, according to Solihin, participants should pay attention to the assessment index that has been determined by the committee. The student index and school index are the keys of assessment that have been established. In addition, he added, students who want to choose courses that are not linear with his high school studies, were recommended to reconsider.

“If a student chooses a non-linear course with his high school major, the possibility of acceptance is small. So please reconsider, “he explained.

Different from SNMPTN, on SBMPTN line, according to Solihin, participants may choose non-linear study program but the participant must be good at measuring the ability in doing the test.

“The SBMPTN is not related to the index of students and schools. It depends on the ability of participants in working on the problems, “he added.

Meanwhile, for the Independent pathway, since 2017, UNAIR implements a new mechanism. If there used to be a an exam, this time, the same as in 2017, the independent admission assessment uses the marks of SBMPTN.

“If SBMPTN participants choose the social and humanity group, then if they are not accepted, they can register to UNAIR Independent admission with the same group,” he explained. “So, when you choose social and humanity in SBMPTN then do not choose science and technology in Independent Admission. It is not aligned,” he said.

At the end, Solihin reiterated many questions about passing grade on each courseIn this matter, he confirmed that the passing grade should not be considered.

“Sometimes we are confused when we are asked about passing grade. Once again we emphasize that the campus has never issued a passing grade and it is not one of the criteria required, “he concluded.


Author: Nuri Hermawan

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