UNAIR-Harian Kompas Committed to Fight Fake News

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Illustrated by Alifian Sukma

UNAIR NEWS – Harian Kompas and Universitas Airlangga  have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide quality information for the academic community. The event was held at Airlangga Convention Center Building (ACC), Campus C UNAIR, Surabaya, Friday, February 23 tomorrow.

The cooperation was established to provide Kompas.id service IP Based in campus wifi area for 3 (three) months. The goal, the academic community connected with WiFi campus UNAIR will get free access to all contents of kompas.id without any subscription fees.

On Saturday (24/2) at the same venue, a talk show “Hoax VS Precise Journalism” will be held with the Head of Information and Public Relations Center UNAIR Suko Widodo and Kompas Chief Editor Budiman Tanuredjo as speakers.

“The fake news mislead our life as well. UNAIR as a scientific truth seeker, is obliged to address the massive phenomenon of hoax, “said Suko.

Due to the development of communication information technology facilities, continued Suko, the public is difficult to distinguish the true precision news and the hoax. Therefore, the talk show ” Hoax VS Precise Journalism” becomes important for transferring knowledge to students.

“Students as academics and intellectuals must be equipped with the knowledge to read the news and events as precisely as possible. That way we can minimize the circulation of misleading opinions, “said Suko. “So that students can differentiate, not become victims and spread the hoax,” he added.

Kompas and UNAIR cooperation is a joint effort in welcoming the era of digital society. Moreover, this cooperation is a form of mutual commitment to always provide perfect service for Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Chief Editor of Kompas Budiman Tanuredjo revealed, in the year 2017, Kompas Daily gave birth to innovation in the form of a digital platform named Kompas.id. The presence of Kompas.id is a response from Kompas Daily on the development of technology. Through this paid digital platform Kompas Daily presents quality information and news in digital format.

The new platform allows UNAIR academic community to get a in-depth reports which specialty of Kompas Daily, with lots of photos and research results.

“The presence of Kompas.id as a dynamic platform is expected to complement the daily presence of Kompas in the community,” said Budiman.

The talk show is an event in Airlangga Education Expo (AEE), held from Friday-Sunday, February 23-2. There are other various events in AEE. Such as student admission dialogue, talk show on SBMPTN and Mandiri, student exchange opportunity, tips on choosing majors,  scholarships at UNAIR, talk shows with outstanding students and alumni, and entrepreneurship students. This event does not only invite students, but also teachers and parents in Surabaya and surrounding areas.

There will be some entertainment, games, and music performances such as Keroncong Larasati group on Friday. And the show will be closed with a music performance from Hidacoustic. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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